Siblings November

2015-10-16 18.50.19Another month has passed. Day by day I see the bond between Matthew and Chloe becoming stronger. Not only in the way of them playing together and interacting with each other but also about Matthew being concerned about her.

Lately Chloe is very attached. I am putting it down to her teething. She is dribbling loads and she basically can’t be on her own at all if I move an inch away from her. So for the past 2 weeks I have been doing the cooking, washing and all sorts with her being carried around by me which makes things a bit more difficult. A baby carrier would seriously come in handy at this point.
Anyway, every time Chloe is crying Matthew is asking “What’s wrong with Chloe?” It is so cute the way he is asking about her now and be concerned. When she stops crying he says “Chloe ok now”.


Overall Matthew is helping me quite a good bit with her as of handing her toys, or giving her the dodie when she gives out or starts crying (I don’t know if I should interpret that as he wants her to be quiet or wants to comfort her)

We’ll see what we are going to be up to next month.

dear beautiful

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