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Recently I got the opportunity to review one of Slumbersac’s baby sleeping bags. This was the perfect time because I haven’t actually put Chloe into a sleeping bag yet. Up to this point she has been using one of 2 cellular blankets.

In case you haven’t heard of Slumbersac before, here is a little summary what they are doing, followed by a video why you should choose Slumbersac.

Slumbersac is a family run business based in Dorset in the UK. It is run by Karina Grassy who has a 6 year old daughter and has been sleeping in these bags since day 1.  Karina has a little help from her family and a small amount of employee. Slumbersac is providing you with quality products at a great and affordable price and offer you new products and designs whenever possible.

I have chosen a 2.5 tog sleeping bag which is 6-18 months. This will last Chloe forever as she has only turned 6 months at the beginning of this month. You can choose from 11 different designs. I went for the Sunshine Zoo design. Something a little different other than always pink for a girl. I am trying to avoid as much pink as I can because I think girls should be able to wear any colour they want.


The sleeping bags come in 3 different sizes:
• 0 – 6 months
•  6  – 18 months
• 12 – 36 months

There is something for the winter and for the summer. There are 4 available togs:
• 0.5 tog
• 1.0 tog
• 2.5 tog
• 3.5 tog


0-6 months and 6-18 months sizes have shoulder snap fasteners to have easy access and change the baby when necessary. You can button it up so easy. It has snap fasteners on both sides too in case it is a bit loose and you want to have it more cosier and tighter.




The bag has a side zip so no fiddling around required trying to zip it up. It can’t be any easier and the baby is cosy, safe and can’t slide under the sleeping bag.

It can be washed at 40 degrees and ironed.

My experience with this sleeping bag is only positive. Chloe has a lot of space to move around in. She has her arms free and I like the additional fasteners on the sides to make the sleeping bag more secure in case you have a skinny baby and it is too loose on her. Our house is very at the moment so we are not going to use it much yet but once autumn/winter is here this will be a nightly use and I will definitely purchase a second one to change between them when the other one is getting washed. I might even get the second personalized as they have this option available on their website too.

Have you got your little ones sleeping in a sleeping bag or do you use blankets?

*Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review The opinion and the photos are my very own.

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6 thoughts on “Slumbersac – Baby Sleeping Bag

  1. Up to now I always used grobags do I was really happy to find these. As they are a bit cheaper.

  2. Yeah I’ll be using this for the winter too as right now it is still too warm. We have a very warm house and that’s with no heat on.

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