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Yay, I am so excited that I have come across another tag in one of the Blogger’s Facebook Groups. When I saw it, there was no doubt I wanted to be tagged in it. This is a complete different one this time and actually is just about us parents.It’s called the “Bedtime tag” which is all about bedtime, my favourite time of the day. I have to admit I do love my sleep and that can be quite hard to be achieved with two kids but I am actually doing good. The lovely Jenna from Tiny Foot Steps tagged me.

Describe your usual bedtime routine.

Depending on the evening I generally get into my pyjamas when I get the kids ready for bed. Once they are in bed, I had downstairs and enjoy a cup of tea in front of the PC for an hour or so. I am not much of a TV person, so don’t watch much of it. Lately I discovered my Nintendo 3DS again which means I could be playing that for a while. I tend to go to sleep between 10 and 10.30pm and a bit later at the weekend.

What are your favourite pyjamas?

I am happy in a t-shirt and long or short bottoms. I am not a fan of cosy fleecy pyjamas at all.

What is your current bedtime reading?

I haven’t picked up a book in nearly five years. In saying that I was never big into reading books. Should be maybe a resolution for the new year but my reading are blogs I comment on before I go to bed.

What would I find on your bedside table?

It can be a mess sometimes but most times it  is my phone that is being charged overnight, tooth brush charger, alarm clock, nappies wipes and table lamp.

What scent makes you sleepy?

There wouldn’t be a scent that makes me sleepy. As I tend to scroll though my Facebook timeline, after a while I get sleepy from that.

What is your usual bedtime and wakeup time?

As mentioned above bedtime is anytime between 10 and 11pm pretty much.

Wake up time can be different too. It could 6.30 am during the week or 8.30 am at weekends. It all depends on the kids I suppose.

What are your top three bedtime products?

As long as I have a pillow and a duvet I am happy out.

What is your most common sleeping position?

I sleep on my side with one leg angled and other leg straight.

Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

Sometime I take up a biscuit as a midnight snack.

What is your worst bedtime habit?

Probably being on the phone browsing the internet until I get sleepy.

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