Siblings in January

It is the first link up of the year to the Siblings Project. I am so excited to be joining this year again and see brother and sister grow over the next year. This month mummy is turning the big 30. I know when hubby reads this he will have his say on my age. I don’t even feel like 30, neither do I feel like 20 or 25 and I certainly don’t look like 30. For my 30th I am heading to London. I absolutely love traveling and I would have traveled somewhere else but because it is the winter time right now, there is not much point going anywhere else in Europe in the freezing cold.

We have Christmas and New year’s behind us and for me it was back to reality the last two weeks. This meant the kids were back to creche. I would have thought that it is going to be an absolute nightmare to integrate them back into it after being off for two weeks but it was actually a walk in the park. They went in the first day after their holidays no problem. Chloe definitely enjoys creche I have to say. She has her little best friend Ava and they are like best buddies. Just by chance, the other day, I found out that she lives in the same estate as us only a few houses down the road. I don’t think her parents know that though. I’d say it’s time to be introduced.

Just before New Year’s we had Matthew and Chloe’s cousins over from Dublin and Germany. Ten kids in one house. Maniac. I wasn’t there at the time because I had to work but I saw all the photos hubby took. It looks like the kids had great fun especially  Matthew. He always goes wild when they come over. Chloe is a bit more attached and doesn’t know what to make of all the people in her house.

Since the new year we have taken it slow and haven’t done anything mad yet. The kids enjoy having a sleep in at the weekend now. As both kids end up in our bed most nights, they started holding hands in their sleep. It is the cutest thing ever. Hubby told me about it a few days ago.

Last weekend we went on a nature trail. Chloe loved seeing all the different trees and animals like ducks, horses and swans. We are trying to do something as a family at least once at the weekend now. There is only so little time because we work during the week and it is nice to do something together as a family in my opinion. We’ve discovered a bowling alley and mini golf center nearby recently that we are going to try out in the next few weekends. I’d say Matthew is definitely going to enjoy that.

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