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I was recently tagged by Simplyhomemademum to be taken part in the blogger interview. Thanks very much and here we go:

How did you get into blogging?

I have started blogging a few years ago but not with a serious approach to make it public. It was just an online diary for myself to record my travelling and day to day life. Then I had Matthew and I stopped blogging. 2013 I started following an Australian blogger called Chantelle who blogs at She got me inspired and I started to take blogging serious again early last year.

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

You are the blog, use your own voice. Of course you can have a look at other blogs to get inspired, but remember it’s the voice of your blog that makes your blog special. Don’t copy someone elses way of blogging. It’s got to be unique. Write the way you talk every day.

How has your blog changed since you started writing it?

It has changed in so many ways. I started off with a ridiculous looking theme, no structure in the blog, I randomly blogged about things and the most annoying thing is that I definitely used too many smileys back then. Now I am not using any because I’ve read to not use them. It has a proper niche now.

What advice would you give to PR’s approaching you for a campaign?

When it comes to reviewing products or writing a sponsored post even, I am very efficient. I am that kind of person who likes to get things done fast and don’t like people waiting. This is under the assumption my kids are well and don’t need my full attention in the evening/at night.

Do you have a plan for your blog?

I don’t have a real plan in place to be honest. I’d like it to become a bit bigger in future, become a bit more popular and hopefully more familiar brands will be approaching me more. Apart from that I am happy to post away, share my posts and hope others like reading them.

What do you think about rankings?

I am a bit of a competitor I have to admit. I am forever waiting for the tots 100 ranking to come out every month. I am always delighted to be moving up places, but also disappointed when I went down places. I should be not too focused on the rankings though, it is my own little space and even if it is not doing well, I am writing it for myself as a hobby to keep me occupied other than being a mum.

There is 5 ladies I would love to tag in this to take part too:

Kerry from OhSoAmelia

Fiona from DollyDowsie

Alex from BumptoBaby

Debs from SuperBusyMum

Rebecca from MumOfaPrematureBaby

All you have to do, is answer the questions above and link back to me.

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