Toddlebike 2 Review – Learning How To Balance

Chloe is at the age now where she likes to copy her brother in everything. She is looking up to him. Matthew has a number of ride on bikes. With a proper bike included This means Chloe can’t catch up anymore. She is too small to ride a bike and she is too slow to follow him on the Minnie Mouse ride on. For her second birthday, back in February, I bought her a balance bike. Unfortunately she is a bit shorter for her age so she was unable to reach. Right now, Matthew is using it.

When Toddlebike’s got in touch to review their pre balance bike, this was the perfect opportunity for Chloe to catch up on her big brother on her own wheels. The day arrived and the postman delivered the bike. I was so surprised how light it was, just compared to the one I bought her prior on her birthday. In fact the Toddlebike 2 weighs less than 1kg. (three times lighter than most balance bikes)

The pre balance bike is manufactured in Europe and is guaranteed CE-approved and TUV certified. Its compact design makes it easy for toddlers from the age of 18 months to steer. There are so many balance bikes out there that can be used from as early as 18 months apparently. My daughter definitely wouldn’t have the balance for a balance bike. yet. Particularly as she was late walking (at 21 months).

The narrow wheels can handle any manoeuvre and because it is so light, it is so easy for Chloe to carry around…and for parents, too. As the weather has finally picked up, we are out and about quite a lot at the weekend. This includes walks out in the forest, in the park or in the estate. You don’t want to be carrying a 3 or 6kg balance bike around when she gets fed up riding it. It’s actually the lightest bike I have ever come across.

The handlebars are easy to reach for Chloe and so is the height. The seat is centralised. It’s funny though… when she started using the Toddlebike 2, she was sitting on the cross bar rather than the seat itself. Apparently this is a thing and all toddlers start off that way. It’s probably because she has the handlebar closer to her and she feels more secure. When I push her around, helping her, she feels safer sitting on the actual seat.

With the hard wearing plastic this bike is easy to clean.  I honestly clean 99% with wipes and so I do the same with this.

Toddlebike 2 is available in three different colours: midnight blue, pinky pink and racing red. It comes at a cost of £23.95 which I think is reasonable. Best of all they do free shipping to Ireland and the UK.

What did we think of the Toddlebike 2?

Big thumbs up. Even the four year old loves it and always wants to have a go on it, even though I keep telling him he is a big boy. I can foresee this making a lot of trips to the park and the forest once Chloe got the hang of sitting on the seat by herself without me helping her.

Disclaimer: I was sent the product for the purpose of this review. As always opinion and photos are 100% my own.

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8 thoughts on “Toddlebike 2 Review – Learning How To Balance

  1. I’ve seen these around for a while now, but my little boy was always too old. Great Review for a great product, My little girl is only 12 weeks old now,but I may have to invest in one in a few months!

  2. I can only recommend these. i didn’t think they would be this good. x

  3. Gosh this looks great value for money. I didn’t realise they were that cheap. I’ll have to get one for Ophelia. She’s the right age for it x

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