Top Christmas Movies for the Whole Family

Oh how I love getting excited for Christmas. The preparation, the organising, the decorating. Another thing I love doing to get me excited for Christmas, is watching Christmas Movies. There are so many great ones out there. Today I want to share a few with you that you can watch with your kids some evenings with a bit of popcorn.


The Grinch

I don’t know how many times I have watched this movie the last few years. Ever year I keep telling myself I won’t watch it again but somehow I always end up watching either because there is nothing else on TV or basically end up watching it just because you feel Christmassy.


Elf never gets old. It’s hilarious and fun to watch. Starring Will Ferrell playing the Elf who was raised at the North Pole and sent to the U.S to find his real identity, kids will love this movie.

The Polar Express

I have been watching “The Polar Express” with Matthew every year since he was born. Obviously when he was only teeny tiny on his first Christmas he didn’t get it but since the year after that, he loved watching it. We will definitely turn it on this year, too.

A Christmas Carol

I mean hello, it’s a Disney movie… how can you not like this one. First time I ever seen this, it was out in the cinema. I went to see it with hubby when we didn’t even have children yet. We watched it in 3D which was amazing with all the snowflakes. It’s like as if they touch your face.

Santa Clause 2

Would you believe it, I actually have all three movies on DVD. I never get tired of watching them.

Arthur Christmas

This movie has been released not too long ago. I believe it was 2011 which sounds like an age away already. It’s an animated movie which is always a hit with kids.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

This has to be my all time favourite Christmas movie. I have always loved watching it for years and years but more much so when I met my other half. It was the first movie we watched together on the couch in my apartment when we first met. We met only four days before Christmas. Since then, it is a tradition to watch this every year at Christmas.

Home Alone

I don’t think it matters, if you watch Home Alone 1, 2 or 3. All three movies are brilliant. It’s amazing though, we keep watching the same movie every single year and never get tired of it. I suppose it is only once a year really.

Do you have any favourite Christmas movies that are not on the list?

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  1. We haven’t managed to watch it this weekend but instead we watched Mickey Mouse Christmas.

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