The Ultimate Halloween Party for Grown Ups

Have you ever thought of throwing your own Halloween party at home? A party for grown ups only. Every year I am busy preparing the house for Halloween. Mainly for the kids sake. I have been shopping for Halloween costumes since September. I made the mistake last year where I shopped last minute and I was lucky enough that I could find a decent one for Matthew and it was even reduced. But I would have loved him to wear something better though.

Taking aside all the preparation for a kids Halloween party, baking Halloween treats, buying their trick or treat buckets to go around the house or buying a million different treat options when the kids come around to knock on your front door. This Halloween the parents should get a turn to run their own Halloween party. Get a friend, relative or grandparents to mind the kids for the night. It’s all about you this Halloween for once.

Outdoor Decoration

So what do you need to run the perfect Halloween party for grown ups? The most important part to make the party look inviting and make it stand out, you will need to decorate your windows and the front door. This is what I do every single year. This year I might actually try something different. A lot of people seem to be using the Party Delights website lately. I have seen bloggers purchasing their kids Halloween costumes from it for example. I had a browse for some other stuff and found some great front door decorations. But to simplify it and you want to keep it at a low budget, you can use toilet paper and make it look like a mummified front door instead.

Costume Ideas

Now that we have the outdoor decorations sorted, we are onto costume ideas. I have a collection of a good few costumes from over the years when we went out to Halloween parties that were held in the town’s pubs. Matthew has been talking of being a ghost for weeks now this Halloween. It kind of got into my head now as well and I found a graveyard ghost costume on the Party Delights website which I really like.  It’s only £18.99 which is a bonus. If you want to make your own DIY costume, then you have to check out Festive Lights Party pack that they have created for this Halloween. Some brilliant ideas in it such as The character from Deadpool or Harley Quinn.


Drinks Drink Drinks

You can’t have a grown up Halloween party without spooky drinks. One of my friends really got me into the brandy. For that reason I really like the look of the Witch’s Coven. You can check out the recipe for it on the party pack along with four other spooky but delicious drinks.


With the drinks you need to come up with some ideas for Halloween themed games. The classic is obviously carving a pumpkin. You can try one of the templates attached in the party pack. If you like the original and would like to carve a Jack O’Lantern, then you have to check out the Pumpkin Lady. This is where I got my templates over the last two to three years.


Another nice idea is the Horror Movie drinking game. Pick out a classic Halloween movie. For me that would be the series of Michal Meyers. Every time someone screams or covers their eyes they have to drink a shot.

That’s you all sorted now. Time to get into the planning mode.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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  1. Yeah it sure would be but it would fit well in considering what has been going on in the politics.

  2. I know, when I saw it in the PDF I just had to laugh. There is a pumpkin template of him too.

  3. Some lovely choices there, I never dress up for halloween though, see it as more of a children’s thing. Maybe something to concider in the future though when Emily is a little bigger x

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