Update on our Family Bucket List 2017

At the very beginning of the year I decided to compile a list of things we could do as a family over the course of the whole year.  It is just so much easier to have everything written down. It has been almost a year since we moved house. I mentioned before how much easier it is for us to bring up the kids in this part of the country. There is so much more to do.

Back in the day when we still lived in the West part of Ireland we pretty  much would spend all weekend indoors, in the garden or go for a walk down the streets. On bad weather days we would go down to the local play centre. Now this is fine and we still occasionally do that now, don’t get me wrong. Back in Sligo I wasn’t willing to drive anywhere that is further away than twenty minutes. It is so handy to live pretty much on the border of County Dublin. As we are so close to the motorway/ dual carriage way, everything is so close by. A car journey of twenty to forty  minutes doesn’t feel that long at all. Also the kids get to see their cousins very often which is another bonus.

• Go to the Zoo

• Visit the Children’s Museum “Imaginosity

I have been postponing this so many times but we will do this one within the next month definitely

• Explore the local nature trail

• Go to the beach

• Have a family dinner meal out

• Build a den

• Take the family on a ferry to the UK

• Take a train ride (my four year old has never been on a train before would you believe it)

Matthew is now five and still hasn’t been on a proper train. Again this is on the list before the year end. Maybe closer to Christmas so they kids can see all the lights.

• Run off some energy in the play centre

• Pick fruit from a field

It was on our list when we went to Wexford but there just wasn’t enough time to go to the Strawberry Picking farm.

• Visit Peppa Pig World/ Thomas Land

• Find a local playground

• Have a family movie night with popcorn, pizza and drinks

We managed to have movie afternoons with popcorn and sweet bowls but no evening just yet.

• Go to the cinema more often

• Create a family scrap book ( meant to do this for ages)

• Go on a mini holiday to Center Parcs

• Sign up Matthew for his first tennis lessons in September

This is kind of ticked off really. He doesn’t seem to be ready to play tennis. Instead we recently enrolled him in football training and he is loving it.

• Head into Dublin City as a family

This may well be ticked off tomorrow or the next weekend to come.

• Build sandcastles in the garden in the sandpit

• Take a mini family break in Ireland somewhere

• Go to an aquarium

If you can recommend a good aquarium in Ireland, please let me know in the comments below.

Is there anything you did this year on this list, or are there any things you could add on for us to do possibly next year?


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