Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

This weekend, Sunday in fact, is the day where us mums celebrate. Mother’s Day is only five days away. I know, I know, some of you might say “it’s all a money making game” and yes you are right. But you also have to see it another way. Us mums are “working” 24/7, providing for the family, looking after the little ones, cleaning, cooking, etc. This day is dedicated to be pampered.

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A Birthday with Bakerdays’ Letterbox Cake

It has been almost two weeks since it was hubby’s birthday. By chance we both took the day off. It wasn’t for the fact that it was his birthday. It was mainly because we had a few tasks to do that would be better to get done while the kids are in creche.

That day we actually got to spend some time together and we went for lunch. It was nice to get out as a couple for once. Hubby doesn’t want any presents when it comes to his birthday. Neither does he like to bring any attention to his birthday.  I still wanted to give him a little surprise on his special day.

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Living Arrows 12/52 St Patrick’s Day Weekend

What a fun filled weekend we had. On top of that we got an extra day. On Friday it was St. Patrick’s Day which is a public holiday in Ireland. We had lots of plans made. Matthew’s godfather was coming over with his son and his wife. His son is nearly fourteen years of age so Matthew had lots of fun playing with him.

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and it was drizzling rain most of the weekend but that still didn’t stop us from keeping to our plan. On Friday Matthew’s godfather went to the parade in Dublin City while we sat at home and watched it on the TV. Cosy and not getting wet. I am glad we didn’t go because he said it wasn’t that good and it was only an hour long. Normally the parade starts at midday but this time it didn’t start until 12.40pm for some reason.

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A Day in a Parenting Blogger’s Life – Digital Motherhood

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all. It’s a public bank holiday in Ireland today which means long weekend. It’s nice to have one day less to work and one more day to spend with the kids. We are not going to the parade. I thought there was parade in Naas but there is none and I am not dragging the kids into Dublin city just for that. We might do something else.

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Siblings in March

Here we are, half of March has gone in a blur. It only feels like yesterday we have ticked off February. March is really flying by I have to say and we have so many fun times ahead of us.  The middle of the month means it’s time for the Siblings project again. A project where I reflect on brother and sister to see how they get on together each month. It is one of my favourite photo projects I like linking up to with many other bloggers out there.

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