5 Benefits of Wearing a Fitness Tracker for a Busy Mom

Although a fitness tracker is not the most mind blowing device nor the sleekest looking one, strapping on a fitness tracker can be oddly motivating. It does the simple things of ‘keeping tabs of you’ quite well and best of all you have every bit of data in real time from: steps walked, duration of the activity, distance covered, heart beat per minute, quality of sleep and even calories burnt. With such good information on a device it literally encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle from being more active, eating healthier foods, drinking plenty of water and more. And for busy moms who places their family first and yourself last, wearing a fitness tracker is a great alternative to taking care of your health . Here are five healthy reasons to owning one today:



Firstly, whether you hate going to the gym or lack the time to workout, a fitness tracker can offer that ‘push’ to make that extra small effort to reach your goal. It is like your personal workout partner which tells you how active you have been or lack there of. The visual progress you will get from a wrist worn device can spur you to avoid the elevator and take the flight of stairs, walk the extra block around your neighbourhood or in general, just be more active. Not only that, the fitness apps that can be synced to the fitness trackers can reveal more information like when you have been idle and active during the day. A perfect workout partner.

Secondly, with a fitness tracker it can help you set and acheive your personal goals. Whether it is walking 10 000 steps, increasing your daily activity, or even losing 5 pounds, simply by keeping tabs of your workout and caloric input you will learn what is required of you to meet any goals you personally set. Needless to say, tailoring goals for yourself keeps you focused. Plus when you reach your goals, you earn stickers and badges for those accomplishments. It’s small stuff, but every bit of encouragement helps!

Thirdly and a good one, keeping tabs of the quality of your ZZZ’s. Let’s face it, if you don’t get enough sleep, your health and mood suffers. So strap on a fitness tracker before you sleep (preferably one that automatically logs your sleep ) and try to get at least eight hours of sleep for more energy and maintaining a sharper mind. Again, just by simply tracking your sleep you will get into a nice sleeping pattern.

The fourth benefit, it keeps you accountable. Today, we are all into social sharing, and most fitness trackers comes with their own app or are able to conect to third party apps where you can post your results, activities and challenge fellow member(s) and friends to a workout program. Let’s face it, social exercising is more fun than going it all alone.

The last one and an important benefit, it promotes a healthy eating pattern. What you put into your body says plenty about you. Hence, the more junk calories you devour, the more likely your belly fat accumulates. A fitness tracker offers a convenient way to assess the quality of your everyday meal by allowing you to log the food choices, the calories consumed and the daily water intake. Whether it is good or bad calories, you are ‘hands on’ learning how to improve the quality of the food you consume.

Busy moms, if you have always lacked the time or motivation to take care of your health and body, why not try on a simple fitness tracker and monitor your daily movements. You maybe surprised with the information a fitness tracker can reveal about you, and best yet, it can motivate you to take action and make postive changes for a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

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Die Knorr/Maggi Mama

Heute dachte ich, dass ich mal was ganz außergewöhnliches poste. Erst einmal wird dies mein erster Blogpost, den ich auf deutsch schreiben werde und zum zweiten würde es einfach keinen Sinn machen über dieses Thema in Irland/Großbritannien zu reden, da es diese Produkte leider nur eingeschränkt hier gibt.

Wie der Titel schon sagt Knorr/Maggi Mama geht es selbstverständlich um die Knorr/Maggi Fix-Produkte.

Als ich damals vor fast 10 Jahren nach Irland gekommen bin als Au Pair, da war ich erst 19 Jahre alt, wie die Zeit vergeht ist unglaublich, hatte ich keine Ahnung vom kochen. Mama oder Oma hat immer alles auf den Tisch gezaubert, da musste ich mir bis zu dem Zeitpunkt nie Gedanken drüber machen. Jedoch war meine Mama auch schon damals ein großer Fan von Maggi und Knorr Fixen. Da ging das Mittag zum Beispiel dann auch mal ein wenig schneller wenn es dann sein musste.

Nach einiger Zeit wurde auch ich dann ein Fan von den Fixen. Sicher denken einige Leute schlecht über diese Produkte. Schnell gemacht und einfach heißt, dass es für manche ungesund und fast Fast Food mäßig rüberkommt. Ich persönlich finde, dass diese Fixe mittlerweile so gut hergestellt sind, sodass sie auch teilweise gesund sein können. Es kommt auf das Fix an.

Jedenfalls kam es dann schon so weit in meiner Au Pair Zeit das meine Gastmutter fasziniert von dem Lachs Sahne Gratin war. Dementsprechend musste Mutti immer Nachschub von Deutschland schicken. Selbst ein/zwei Jahre nachdem ich kein Au Pair mehr war, blieben wir in Kontakt und sie hat diese Fixe regelmäßig zugeschickt bekommen.


Als ich dann alleine wohnte in Sligo 2008 wurde ich noch mehr aufmerksamer auf diese PulverTüten. Meine Mama war so lieb und hat mir regelmäßig ein kleines Paket geschickt mit vielen neuen Sorten. Mein heutiger Verlobter, mit dem ich seit Mai 2009 zusammen wohne, liebt die Tüten. Seine 2 Favoriten sind Bauerntopf und Nudelschinkengratin. Selbst wenn ich die Namen schon höre kriege ich Hunger. (Ich hatte heute kein Abendbrot. Kinder kommen an erster Stelle)

1022-915616-knorr-fix-fr-bauern-topf-mit-hackfleisch_8718114824185 1022-915609-knorr-fix-fr-nudel-schinken-gratin_8718114818528

Als meine Mama dann leider im März 2014 verstorben ist, war dann leider auch meine Knorr und Maggi Kocherei zu Ende. Bis meine beste Freundin Karo aus Berlin mir angeboten hat öfters mal einiges zusammen zu sammeln für mich und mir ein kleines Paket schickt. Da war ich natürlich sehr glücklich drüber.

Ein Mal im Jahr fliege ich jetzt nach Deutschland um Karo zu besuchen. Ich buche immer extra 20kg Koffer. Da könnt ihr euch sicher vorstellen, was da alles so mit muss. Und komischerweise immer wenn ich in Deutschland bin, gibt es die Tüten im Angebot. Finde ich natürlich sehr praktisch.  Die im Supermarkt müssen sicherlich auch jedes Mal denken “ist sie am verhungern” oder “will die einen Laden mit Maggi und Knorr Tüten aufmachen?”.

Seit dem ich meine 2 Kinder habe, versuche ich natürlich ein wenig gesünder zu kochen. Aber da auch diese 2 manchmal oder sagen wir mal in letzter Zeit sehr viel im Essen rumpükern weil man es nicht mag, hab ich dann Knorr und Maggi immer noch zur Rettung.

Eine schnelle Napoli Soße zu den Spagetti kann man dann in null Komma nix machen oder selbst eine Spagetti Bolognese die wir zum Beispiel gestern hatten. Das haben die Kinder alles ganz brav verspeist.


Es ist einfach schön, dass man so ganz einfach einige typischen deutschen Gerichte in einem anderen Land herstellen kann.

Es wäre natürlich noch viel schöner, wenn es hier in Irland auch noch mehr Varianten geben würde. Im Moment haben die glaub ich von Knorr zum Beispiel 5 oder 6 Sorten. Alles typisch irische Gerichte halt. Irgendwann werden sie wohl auch merken wo die Lücke im Markt fehlt und dann brauche ich nicht immer Massen von Deutschland mit nehmen.

Bingo rocks a mother’s world!

Life as a mother and a working woman is pretty tough, isn’t it? Truly, it gets you the jitter of nerves when you have to manage your home and workplace simultaneously. A mom’s life seems no less than a roller coaster ride as she has to carry out her roles and responsibilities well for 24/7.

A family needs a woman’s active participation in the daily chores in order to function properly. Even if a helper or a maid is there, still a matron is needed somewhere for the welfare of the family.

Life becomes more challenging when you are a working lady as well. Dealing with stress at workplace is something which you can never escape as the job world demands meeting deadlines.

But what can add colours to your life inspite of going through such hectic schedules everyday are the things that you love indulging in or doing in your free time!

Personally, I being a mother of a three year old daughter and a worker admit that life is not easy at all when you have to cater to everyone’s needs- be it to your child’s or your boss’s needs!

Yet what keeps me happily going and make all my efforts worth it, is seeing a smile on my kid’s face and doing things in which I have a passion for.

I love to spend most of my free time in surfing, searching new stuffs and shopping over the internet! The online world is my favourite and especially online shopping is my all time addiction you can say.

I like everything about the terrene of internet which allows you to do anything just at the comforts of your home!

It was recently that I came across the most innovative concept in the internet- online bingo! The super exciting games of bingo coupled with incredible prizes never fail to make your day.

Join the popular site New Look Bingo now, play the games and read more about newlook in the site’s FAQ section to know in details how online bingo works- Good luck!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post

Crocodile Snap – Mini Games by Orchard Toys

When traveling with children, whether that’s in the car, on the airplane or on a train, entertainment is quite an important point. When Orchard Toys got in touch to review one of their new mini games which were only launched recently, I was more than happy to try them out

crocodile snap

Orchard toys have a selection of 6 new mini games which are perfect for on the go. Each box fits perfect into your hand luggage. The following mini games are available to purchase:

• Dinosaur Dominoes
• Little Bus Lotto
• Jungle Snakes & Ladders
• Build a Beetle
• Penguin Pairs
• Crocodile Snap

I chose to review Crocodile Snap. Just like the name says, this game is based on the traditional game Snap.  It features 32 colourful animals that you need to match by shouting “snap”. However when the player sees a match of the crocodile, they need to snap their arms instead. Each animal is not an ordinary animal. For example the elephant is a mechanic, the monkey is drinking tea, the crocodile is a super hero and the snake is having cocktails. Orchard Toys is definitely making sure to bring fun to the game for all children. The cards are thick and robust which is great for little hands.




Crocodile Snap develops matching and memory skills, personal and social skills. It also encourages observational skills. It’s perfect for children at the age of 3 to 8 years.

Matthew really enjoys the game. There has never been a game he didn’t enjoy from Orchard Toys. He asks to play with any of the games we have daily. The best thing he likes about Crocodile Snap is when he gets a pair and has to shout “Snap”.

Retail price of the game is £4.99 which I personally think is very reasonable.

Potty Training on the Go

So far we have mastered potty training really well. It’s week 5 now. I didn’t think we would be where we are now in a million years. Matthew has adapted really well and I am so proud of him. From weeing in his trousers the first week, to be able to tell us when he needs to go, hold and make it on time to go on the potty and then even from going to the potty himself and pull his trousers and pants down himself, that is a huge achievement. There can be the once off accident still where he didn’t make it in time, but to be expected. He is really good in general but we do still have to work on number two, the poo that is. He is a very private person when it comes to making number two and  he always was. He prefers hiding and do it.

We are now challenged with potty training on the go. I mean it has been fine so far because during the week he is in creche anyway and he is used to going to the potty but what about when we need to go out and about?

So far what I have been doing, once he made a wee on the potty, we are getting ready to go out. When I say go out, we might go for our weekend walk, go to the playground, look around shops or pop to the shop. We are lucky enough to only live a 5 mins drive from town. Even a walk is only 20mins which I find brilliant.

Since we started the potty training journey 4 weeks ago, we haven’t been anywhere further than Sligo.

The first trip we are going to make, is the beginning of August. We are going to Spain on our first family holiday. You cannot imagine how excited I am. Away in the sun, beach, cocktails, pool, splashing in the water with the kids. The weather can be a bit desperate in Ireland sometimes.
At the moment we are still trying to talk him around to sit on the big toilet. He is too scared right now but August is still 3 months away. Who knows what can happen in those 3 months. Miracles do happen.

Potette – Fold Away Travel Potty


To me this travel potty seems to be the best solution for us. It folds away nicely and can be used as a potty as well as a trainer seat to put on the adult’s toilet. The only thing I am not too sure about is the disposal liners it comes with. I think this will put Matthew off because it looks different to his precious potty at home that he decorated with his Cars stickers. Obviously it’s going to be a lot easier if he was going to use the trainer seat.
I found this travel potty on the Mothercare website.

My Carry Potty


I found these funky potty seats online. They are like little suitases. Pretty much the same size as a Trunki. Which is where the problem is. It would fall through as normal hand luggage and I wouldn’t be able to take anything else aboard like Matthew’s Trunki with all his entertainment, while on the flight, in it. There are some really cute ones though. There is Bumblebee, Ladybird and Cow. They also have some simple coloured ones and you can get them at a cost of £19.99.



If it all fails, I guess pull-ups are the only way forward. I mean it’s not that he’d be running around in it all day. Especially on an airplane it can be quite hard to get your little one to go to the toilet on a cramped airplane toilet. I am not even a fan of them and getting in and our of them as soon as possible. Our flight is around 2 1/2 hours I think, which means when we got to our destination, I would put him straight back into pants.

I think the whole key to this potty training when on the go, is to get them used to the adult’s toilet as quick as possible. It makes life easier for everyone.

You Baby Me Mummy