1000 Questions to Myself #3

And here we are with the next twenty questions. I am always so excited when I have a questionnaire to fill in. Remember, if you feel like joining in, simply copy the questions below. You can find the first set of questions here, in case you missed them. I will upload the next set of questions at the end of the week.

41. Do you seperate the bins?

We seperate waste and recycle bin. I kind of do compost but not as much as I should.

42. Were you a good student?

I could have been better. HA I loved primary school and was a very good student. It kind of went a bit down hill once I entered secondary school.

43.  How long do you normally stay under the shower?

It’s generally not longer than ten minutes. I always do my hair seperate to showering.

44. Do you believe in aliens?

I can imagine that there are other creatures out there other than humans.

45. What time do you get up in the morning?

Depends what time the kids wake me. It’s  generally anytime between 6.30 and 7.30am. During the week when I have to work it’s 6.50am.

46. Do you always celebrate your birthday?

Up until I turned thirty. HAHA Ah no, I still like to get a small little gift and a cake.

47. How often are you on Facebook in a day?

Too often. I rotate between Facebook and Instagram. I couldn’t tell you a number. I check it every fifteen minutes or so. The life of a blogger.

48. Which room in your house do you like best?

Definitely the living room. I am still only half there with the decoration in it but decor wise I love Chloe’s room the best. It’s so cute.

49. When was the last time you pet a dog (or anything other animal)?

Probably hubby’s parents dog. We are in the middle of getting a cat the next month. I can’t wait. I feel lost without one because I always had a cat in my life.

50. What are you good at?

Hubby would say complaining. I wouldn’t say it’s complaining though, that’s the way the Germans deal with things.

51. Who did  you kiss for the first time?

My first boyfriend over fifteen years ago.

52. Which book left a strong impression on you?

I am not the biggest book worm to be honest. The last book I read is almost six years ago which was Fifty Shades of Grey. The plan for the new years was to get back into it though and turn off social media in the evening time.

53. What does your perfect wedding dress look like?

It’s hanging in my friends wardrobe. HAHA

54. Are you scared of the dark?

It really depends, If I watch a movie on the more darker side or horror movie, then for sure but I wouldn’t be a person who likes to walk around in the complete dark either. I also hate sleeping in complete darkness.

55. Which jewelry do you wear everyday? 

I used to wear earrings every day but I am allergic to Nickel so can’t wear them really. I do wear my engagement ring every day.

56. Do kids like you?

Yes, kids always love me. Whether that was when I worked as an Au Pair or a friends child.

57. Which movies do you like watching at home rather than in the cinema?

If there is a movie I really want to see and can’t wait until it’s available on Bluray, then I will spend the money and go to the cinema the minute it’s out I also go to the cinema sometimes for some me time.

58. How mild are you in your judgment?

Depends on the person I guess.

59. Do you sleep well?

How well is well when you have two kids. I am getting my seven to eight hours sleep. Sometimes I could wake up once or twice a night but it could be worse.

60. What is your newest discovery?

Home decor from Asda for a bargain price.

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