15 months update

It has been a while since I last gave you an update on Chloe’s development. Last time was when she had her first birthday. I wasn’t quite sure whether I should keep going every month until she turns two, but then I thought that might bore people.

She turned 15 months 2 days ago (apologies for the delay, sickness has hit again in the house) and after being quiet for 3 months it was time to give you a little update on her.


Height/Weight: She hasn’t had any developmental checkup. She has been to the doctor once or twice but wasn’t weighed. Next check up will be around 19 months. In saying that Matthew was supposed to have a checkup at 3 1/2 years and he still didn’t get one yet. All I can tell you she is heavy to carry around.

Sizes: She comfortably fits into 12-18 months clothing. H&M is for getting wear out of. 3 or 4 tops she has that are 9-12 months and they seem to grow up with her which means they still fit her without any complications.

Bedtime: I have taken her off the bottles 5 weeks ago or so. She was never a fan of them, only every now and then. She got a bad stomach bug at the time and couldn’t drink any milk or have any dairy. This was the perfect opportunity to remove them. It means our house is baby bottle free. No more bottles in this house.

Feeding: This part has been difficult with Chloe. I am trying to eliminate the 10 months Ellas Kitchen pouches but depending on how much she had during the day I still give them to her so she actually eats something.  She is not great with chunks just yet. She is able to eat pasta and a few other selective foods that are soft but chunks she spits out or if you put finger food in front of her she throws it on the floor. Hopefully we’ll get there eventually.

• I was kind of worried that she still hasn’t got any teeth but at the weekend I was looking at her mouth and it looks like 5 teeth are in the middle of cutting through. I kind of knew that they will all come at the same time considering she’s already 15 months old. They are not coming at the front like they normally do. She’s getting the side ones which explains why she has been so unsettled at night the last while

• She loves chocolate

• She doesn’t walk yet and she doesn’t seem to have an intention to start.

• She has become a very attached child. She wants up all the time. If she gets her requested amount of cuddles, you might be lucky and you could put her down and she will happily play.. until she desires some more “up time”.

• She loves being outside.

• Her socks generally don’t stay on long. She pulls them off all the time. I am happy about that because unlike her brother he likes being naked. Matthew hates having no socks on and has a melt down about it.

• She has 3 words: Cat, Car, Hiya

• She was on the swing for the first time and is loving it since.

The next 3 months are going to be exciting because I am hoping she will start walking and also we are going on our first summer holiday in August. We’re flying to Spain. So excited.

2016-04-05 10.04.10

2016-04-13 18.05.52

2016-04-17 17.01.01


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