Me and Mine {April}

I am 5 days late with this month “Me and Mine” project. Purely because I was madly busy for the last 2 weeks as sickness has hit our house again. It never ends. I feel sorry for the kids at this stage. Right this minute I am still off work because Matthew cannot go to creche. He has been having temperatures for the last 1 1/2 weeks. 2 days ago it finally stayed down and I also got his sickness diagnosed by the doctor after a 3rd visit. He should be on the mend by next week, fingers crossed.


Daddy was loving:

• Family trip away to Cork
• Spending quality time with the kids
• Back playing tennis and entering the ladder

Mammy was loving:

• Breakfast date with Chloe and daddy at the beach
• Family trip away to Cork
• Finally got cracking on Matthew’s potty training

Matthew was loving:

• Playing with the kids mode app
• Seeing owls
• Playing mini golf for the first time
• Walks on the beach
• Becoming a big boy and using the potty

Chloe was loving:

• Using anything that has a shape of a phone and say “hiya”
• swing time at the park
• soft play for the first time
• eating ice cream

The Me and Mine Project

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