5 Benefits of Wearing a Fitness Tracker for a Busy Mom

Although a fitness tracker is not the most mind blowing device nor the sleekest looking one, strapping on a fitness tracker can be oddly motivating. It does the simple things of ‘keeping tabs of you’ quite well and best of all you have every bit of data in real time from: steps walked, duration of the activity, distance covered, heart beat per minute, quality of sleep and even calories burnt. With such good information on a device it literally encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle from being more active, eating healthier foods, drinking plenty of water and more. And for busy moms who places their family first and yourself last, wearing a fitness tracker is a great alternative to taking care of your health . Here are five healthy reasons to owning one today:


Firstly, whether you hate going to the gym or lack the time to workout, a fitness tracker can offer that ‘push’ to make that extra small effort to reach your goal. It is like your personal workout partner which tells you how active you have been or lack there of. The visual progress you will get from a wrist worn device can spur you to avoid the elevator and take the flight of stairs, walk the extra block around your neighbourhood or in general, just be more active. Not only that, the fitness apps that can be synced to the fitness trackers can reveal more information like when you have been idle and active during the day. A perfect workout partner.

Secondly, with a fitness tracker it can help you set and acheive your personal goals. Whether it is walking 10 000 steps, increasing your daily activity, or even losing 5 pounds, simply by keeping tabs of your workout and caloric input you will learn what is required of you to meet any goals you personally set. Needless to say, tailoring goals for yourself keeps you focused. Plus when you reach your goals, you earn stickers and badges for those accomplishments. It’s small stuff, but every bit of encouragement helps!

Thirdly and a good one, keeping tabs of the quality of your ZZZ’s. Let’s face it, if you don’t get enough sleep, your health and mood suffers. So strap on a fitness tracker before you sleep (preferably one that automatically logs your sleep ) and try to get at least eight hours of sleep for more energy and maintaining a sharper mind. Again, just by simply tracking your sleep you will get into a nice sleeping pattern.

The fourth benefit, it keeps you accountable. Today, we are all into social sharing, and most fitness trackers comes with their own app or are able to conect to third party apps where you can post your results, activities and challenge fellow member(s) and friends to a workout program. Let’s face it, social exercising is more fun than going it all alone.

The last one and an important benefit, it promotes a healthy eating pattern. What you put into your body says plenty about you. Hence, the more junk calories you devour, the more likely your belly fat accumulates. A fitness tracker offers a convenient way to assess the quality of your everyday meal by allowing you to log the food choices, the calories consumed and the daily water intake. Whether it is good or bad calories, you are ‘hands on’ learning how to improve the quality of the food you consume.

Busy moms, if you have always lacked the time or motivation to take care of your health and body, why not try on a simple fitness tracker and monitor your daily movements. You maybe surprised with the information a fitness tracker can reveal about you, and best yet, it can motivate you to take action and make postive changes for a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

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