Autumn Activities for Babies/Toddlers


I can’t believe it is autumn already. It is starting to get colder outside. People start turning on the fire in the living room and get cosy. But this doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in the house with the kids 24/7. Wrap up warm and read on what you can do this autumn with your baby.


Go for a walk in the forest or anywhere where you find lots of trees. Collect a few different leaves and teach your little one about them. Let her touch them. It is never too early to learn about nature. It’s also great to collect a whole bag, add them into a ball pit and sit your little one into it.

Autumn walk

Fresh air is always good. I generally only get time to go for a walk at the weekend because I am working 9-5 so by the time I am home, have the kids fed, it will be dark. I really like going for family walks lately. Your little one can listen to the sound of the leaves when it’s windy, the river floating and there is plenty more to discover.

Leaf colours

Collect different shades of leaves. Add them to a bunch and tie them at the end. Let your little one hold it and listen to the sounds of the leaves.

Touch pumpkin

If your baby is able to sit up yet, then touching and rolling a pumpkin is a little adventure for them. It’s like a new toy to them. Matthew loved the pumpkin when he was just over a year old. Rolling it around on the kitchen floor. He got hours of fun out of it.

Feed birds/ducks

Collect some bread you no longer need in the house and go out to the lake and feed the ducks or birds flying around. That way you can teach your little one about the different types of birds and ducks. You might even see a couple of fish swimming around.

Tree Art

Draw a tree with lots of branches on an A3 sheet. Help your toddler to stick all the leaves you collected on your walk to the sheet.

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