Children’s Day – Kindertag

1st June is Kindertag. You are probably wondering why you are not aware of this day? Well, it is a traditional day in Germany and I mentioned before that I’d like to keep the tradition where possible and celebrate these days even when living in Ireland.

World International Children’s Day is 20th November whereas in Ireland it is celebrated 25th March. Our kids are very special to us but on this day they should feel special even more.

There are many ways to make our kids happy on this day. As a child my mum honestly made a great effort every year. It was basically another birthday/Christmas, a day where you receive presents really. Some also use it as a day out to the museum for example or in creche/kindergarten they designed a programme for the day that rotates around this day. Matthew deserves a little treat every now and then so I have used this day to treat him a little and got him a few little presents. We have also planned to go to the play centre today but the weather was so bad today that we didn’t leave the house in the end and made the best out of it by watching movies and playing with his new toys he got. DSC05598

Proud of his new toys which included Peppa Pig Bubbles, Lightning McQueen Car, Mickey Mouse Bowling Set and a Pull back train from Thomas the tank engine which he is actually afraid of because when you pull it back and let it go it makes an awful loud noise. Hopefully he will get around to it eventually. DSC05599 DSC05602 DSC05603 DSC05604 DSC05612

He is taking this car everywhere now. Even when I tried to bring him for a nap earlier he had to have the car with him. DSC05616

Some play time with her little sister as well. I have to keep telling him to be careful though. As you can see Matthew has been treated like a king on his day and got ice cream, crisps, movie time and muffin. A nice way to end the bank holiday as tomorrow it is back to nursery.

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