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By browsing one of my mummy blogging clubs on Facebook I stumbled across a post from a mum about #Christmas Tag. Basically it is a set of 10 questions how you celebrate Christmas. I thought this is is a brilliant idea and I wanted to take part in it too. The 2 blogs I seen this on are “Entertaining Elliot” and “PooleMamma“.
So here it goes. Feel free to take part too and leave your blog URL below.

1.What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
My favourite thing about Christmas has to be the excitement of putting up all the decorations and the Christmas tree. I love buying the presents of course as well but the best part is the wrapping.

2.What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?
I am not a big make-up person, therefore I don’t wear any special make-up. The only thing I might add up is perfume.

3.Real or fake tree?
Years ago when I still lived in Germany we always had a real tree. The smell of it is just amazing but the mess it makes after isn’t so amazing. Since living in Ireland we have a fake tree but it looks pretty real. We are going to put it up this Saturday. Can’t wait.

4.Giving or receiving presents?
Personally I like giving presents. I like seeing the excitement in family/friends faces when they receive the presents I bought for them.

5.Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
Being from Germany we open up presents the evening of the 24th. We do half/half in Ireland now. Some on Christmas evening and some Christmas morning to keep both traditions.

6.Handmade or shop bought Christmas cards?
Unfortunately I am not a very creative person at arts and crafts with cards so I always buy cards from the shop but very nice looking ones that look handmade.

7.Favourite Christmas film?
“National Lampoons – A Christmas vacation” We are watching this every Christmas. It’s a tradition at this stage.

8.Favourite Christmas food?
Stollen and dumplings with red cabbage and duck.

9.Favourite Christmas gift?
I have received so many lovely Christmas presents over the years but the 2 best ones are probably the iPad mini from my hubby and the Nintendo DS from my mum. It was a big deal back then.

10.What tops your tree?
Nothing actually if I think about it now. Maybe we should change that this year.
Now over to you. Get answering and share this on Twitter with the hashtag #ChristmasTag

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  1. We do the same as you with the presents, depending on where we are. Last year we had a German Christmas with friends and it felt odd opening all the presents before Christmas Day. We mix and match if we are home alone so we have presents both days.


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