Our Christmas Tree #NationalChristmasTreeDay

As today is National Christmas Tree Day, I thought I would share our Christmas tree with you. Today, the 8th December, is the official day where you are supposed to put up the Christmas tree. We were a week early though, as probably so many others. With kids you just want to put up the tree earlier because they get so excited. In saying that when we didn’t have kids yet, we setup the tree at the beginning of December too. It makes the room look so much nicer and the atmosphere is so cosy.

Where I am from we normally have a real tree but since living in Ireland, I adapted to getting an artificial one. At least we don’t have the hassle of cleaning up all the needles and cutting down the trunk. This used to be an absolute nightmare. My grandad did it for my mum as we lived in the same house as my grandparents so we would have two tree. Now I know it could be a lot easier these days.

We bought our first artificial tree together in 2009. It has been going since. We wanted to buy a new one this year but because we were so busy with other stuff, we decided to have this sticking around for another year. Who knows, next year we might actually get a real one. I like the smell of real trees.

Since the tree the colour scheme had always been the same. Again I planned changing it around a bit this year but I just got no time. So it is still red and silver baubles which have a mix of matt, sparkly and glittery baubles. I bought these originally from Homebase. They are still going strong seven years later. With that we had two different lights. Multi colour and white lights. This year I decided to change it. I wanted warmer lights so I picked 240 warm lights from Woodies. They were reduced last week.

I don’t have many other ornaments on the tree but the ones I do have, I hang up each year again. Hubby got a bauble for Matthew when he was only a few months old. It’s from the Me To You range. Then that year he was born, he got a silver train from his grandparents. I think it’s supposed to be good luck when you buy the baby silverware.

The year before we had Matthew, hubby and I traveled to New York for a few weeks for work. If you have been to New York before, you probably know how brilliant it is for shopping. I could be shopping around there everyday. We went to the M&M store multiple times. And the one time I picked up two M&M bauble for our tree. The one with the hat on top is a nice touch I think. Something different other than a naked bauble.

Last but not least I put up this wooden reindeer again. I received it from a Secret Santa I was part of. It was actually from the Facebook group Into The West Bloggers Network. The girl who got picked this up for me and I think it’s so cute. You can actually move its legs too.

Underneath tree we now have a Christmas train going round and round since last year. I picked this up for Homestore and More. Unfortunately only the main train is only working. Matthew played with the trailer and broke something off and I can’t get it fixed now. You can’t blame a boy for playing with his trains I guess. All we need to do now is fill it with lots and lots of presents. I have ordered a few more bits online now and have only two more things to get. Then it’s to the wrapping.

Have you put your tree up yet? Do you decorate different each year?

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  1. Your Christmas tree looks lovely, I do like to see how other people have decorated their trees and what each of the decorations mean to them. We’ve got an artificial tree and I love ours, couldn’t be dealing with the hassle of a real one and all of the needles everywhere, although I think it would be nice to go and pick your own tree.
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