A Fun Experience at Kia Ora Mini Farm

Recently we took a trip down to County Wexford. We were staying in a hotel in Wexford for one night and then decided to travel up to a farm called Kia Ora Mini Farm.  There are so many farms in Ireland and we have been to quite a few. This one got great reviews so we thought we are going to give it bash despite the rain that day.

Sunday morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast in the Maldron hotel, just outside Wexford town. We checked out early enough to head to the farm. The farm opens at 10am. It was raining quite a lot but I didn’t want to abandon the day and go straight home. It’s just 40 minutes from the hotel which wasn’t too bad at all. I was hoping in that time it would clear up. It wasn’t lashing rain, just a bit of drizzling which was okay. Some of the activities were indoors anyways and we had water resistant coats with us. All good.

On our arrival, we were greeted by a member of the team. Tickets are €7.50 per person. A good price for the amount of activities on site but I do have to say there should be a restriction for children under the age of 2 maybe that don’t get that much joy out of it, simply because they are too little.  Chloe is only 2 1/2 years and she did like seeing the animals but she was terrified of touching them.

Once we got our tickets, you enter through the cafe. Matthew was in his element. They have so many ride ons to offer. One of his favourite things. Unfortunately most of the ride ons were wet but we managed to find some that were covered under the roof so Matthew could have a go on them such as a trike or a tractor.

Hubby and Chloe were hiding indoor and checked out the guineapigs, rabbits and birds while Matthew and me were exploring the yard. He had a go on the train and climbed into it. At the same time Fireman Sam came for a visit. Matthew used to be scared of dressed up figures but he is much better since our visit at Easter in Rathwood when we met the Easter Bunny. He had his picture taken with Sam and he kept telling me how tall he was. He couldn’t get over it.

We joined hubby and Chloe to pet the animals. I am surprised Matthew didn’t go home saying “I want a rabbit”. So in the pet farm, they have little benches. Matthew sat down on one of them and a member of staff put a piece of carpet on him and lifted the rabbit onto it. He was so soft and Matthew really liked him. The rabbit was really calm and Matthew didn’t have to be afraid at all. Chloe on the other hand just wanted to stay far away from it.  She is a scaredy-cat.

Next Matthew wanted to go on the fire engine. He isn’t into Fireman Sam anymore but he still loves fire engines and all sort of constructive vehicles which made it the perfect farm. Meanwhile Chloe and daddy were exploring the grounds together. In the fire engine they had a small TV with theme tunes the children can sing along to.

As we got back from our ride on the fire engine, it was time for us two to explore the grounds as well. Matthew spotted two diggers straight away. We had to wait just a couple of minutes for the boys and girls to finish first before it was our turn to have a go. It was very simple. You can dig for about three minutes and it will turn off itself. The instructions are on the window to follow how to dig up. I have to say Matthew had a ball and he didn’t want to get off it. I helped him out a little but he was very happy that he could sit on his very own digger and not just a toy one.

There are many animals on the premises as well you can pet such as ponies, ostriches (I wouldn’t pet them now) , goats, as well as ducks and deers. Chloe and me had a little walk around the farm and I showed her all the different animals. She didn’t want to go too close but she really liked the duck pond. Around the farm they encourage that you wash your hands once you have finished touching the animals which is very important. When we were finished, we ended up in a sheltered place with two big sandpits. You could either sit on one of the smaller diggers or dig up with shovel and bucket and build a sand castle. Perfect for smaller children.

I left daddy with Matthew digging up the sand for a little while. We still haven’t seen the other part of the farm which Chloe and me checked out after.  There is a maze. When you get to the end of it, you can go down a big slide. On the opposite side, something for the football fanatics. A crazy football pitch with obstacles.  We continued on to the go kart track.  Many rides are available as well as a four seater with a roof for the whole family to enjoy. Chloe and me had a go together on a smaller version one and waited on hubby and Matthew. Matthew pedaled along on a tractor. Then all four of us had a go on the go kart. If you want to have a work out, then definitely give this a go. I think I was doing all the work cycling past the cows in the field.

It was time to get some lunch in the cafe. We went for the simple toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Simple but delicious. Us parents enjoyed some tea and the kids were allowed to have a juice. Daddy also treated Matthew to a tractor he picked himself. His birthday is not too far off after all. Chloe was just happy with a lolly. Cheap present. She actually licked it on her way home in the car. Not one bite. Very patient. It must have taken her an hour I’d say.

So what did we think of Kia Ora Mini Farm overall?

If you want a family fun day out, whether it’s raining or not, I can definitely recommend this place. Everything is included in the admission price (apart from the cafe of course) which is very good value for money. There is plenty to do on site for the kids at any age. According to their website, they will also open up a mini tractor and fire engine museum very soon.

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