Living Arrows 34/52 Birthday Party


Another relatively quiet weekend behind us. Hubby was away at a family wedding for a few days so the kids and I didn’t go too mad doing stuff together. Plus the weather wasn’t too good.

On Saturday Matthew was invited to a joined birthday party by two of his creche friends. They turned five on the same day.  The party took place in a play centre, same one Matthew’s birthday party is going to be at this weekend. As soon as we got in and took off our shoes, he was off. I had to take Chloe along for obvious reasons. As I expected she was stuck to me for the whole time. At the end she was okay to hold my hand and walk around with me.

The boys and girls had an hour play time. While Chloe and me digged into a small bun. Then it was time to go upstairs for some food. It was the usual, chicken nuggets, sausage and chips. Chloe didn’t want to sit at the table with the other kids so we just stayed in the background. It was time for some birthday cake and the sweety bag Matthew has been waiting for.

Sunday we planned to go to Blanchardstown for some shopping and a little treat. I also had to swap out a coat in Name It for Matthew. I ended up buying a size too small. The coat is for autumn/winter. I’d like to be organised. Chloe also got a new one. I am hoping she will get a good wear out of it. By the time it’s cold she only has a few months as the jacket is 2-3 years and generally the size is bang on. Which means come February/March she needs another new one but as she is walking now, she may be okay.

Once I returned the jacket, we headed to the ice cream stand and both kids had some yummy ice cream. Matthew had a Smurf coloured one with marshmallows and Chloe had Strawberry. I treated myself to a cinnamon pretzel. We then decided to pay a visit to the pop up Disney Store. As we are less than a week away from Matthew turning five, he could pick something small. He got a new Cars 3 character plus a play mat. Chloe wanted a new cuddly toy from the Lion King and she finally got her own tumbler with Minnie Mouse on it.

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