Garden Spring Cleaning

Now that the weather is improving again and summer is nearly there it is time to get the garden summer friendly. Having 2 small kids it is not easy and I don’t get it to do it all in one go so I do everything bit by bit. It is very handy to be on maternity leave at this time of the year. That way I only have Chloe and once she is sleeping I can go out and do a bit more.

Last year I haven’t touched the garden at all. I was just too busy with Matthew because he only started walking in February so he kept us all on our feet then.

This is the way our garden looked before I started my “garden project”.



In the meantime I have cut the grass, trimmed the sides and brushed the path.

Hubby went off and got more sand and sandpit toys for Matthew. I got this sandpit last year from Zulily. It is such great quality that it had no problem getting through the winter without the cover on. I finally went off though at the weekend and bought 3 stones to keep it down because my 2 cats think it is a big toilet and we don’t want to end up buying sand all the time.

DSC05555 DSC05556 DSC05557


There is still a few more chores to do. As you know we have 2 cats who live in the shed. Which means I have to tidy up the shed a bit and brighten up their bed again.

Unfortunately the table and chairs haven’t quite made it through the winter. They do need a good paint. I know you should probably cover them when the bad weather kicks in but I just never got around to do it.



Like every other garden our garden requires a few more plants. I am so bad with plants though. They always die on me. That’s why you see a lot of bushes. We do have a few lillies though my mum planted for me in pots. It is so weird but a few days after my mum died that’s when they started growing. They are starting to grow again this year.

Apart from planting a few flowers I’d like to get rid of the washing line going across the garden and screw a line to the wall that you can pull out whenever you need it. I bought it last year but again I never got around to put it up.

I am also looking for another colourful personal touch I want to add on the fence but I don’t know what yet. If anyone is coming up with something you are welcome to comment below even with a link.

Have you started working on your garden yet? What toys do you keep in the garden for your little ones?

4 thoughts on “Garden Spring Cleaning

  1. He loves playing in it and chasing the cats mainly. or pour water on them. Haha.

  2. Oh I know. I’m dreading the day of painting it all over again. evern though recently I read how you get the colour back the natural way with oil etc.

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