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At the weekend was finally the day we have all been waiting for. The Irish Parenting Blog Awards in the Odessa Restaurant in Dublin’s city centre. I wasn’t in the finals but I just wanted to go for the fun of it and be social for a day even though I am so bad at talking to everyone. I try my best though. Be patient with me.

Saturday 25th April around 2pm I headed down to Dublin from Sligo. I got a bit delayed because Matthew wasn’t having his nap at all so I ended up making lunch for him so hubby didn’t have to do it and it took a bit more pressure off him as it was the first time minding the 2 of them on his own on a weekend. After getting lost in the city centre, despite I have been driven to the hotel numerous times in the past, I finally arrived at the Sandymount Hotel at 4.30pm. Ellen from El and Baby A arrived an hour beforehand.

So I got ready and met the lovely Ellen for the first time in the reception area and we got a taxi to the restaurant. The taxi man on the other hand dropped off us on the main road so we had to find it ourselves using Google maps. It wasn’t too far from where he dropped us off though.
As we arrived Lisa greeted us nicely and handed us a goodie bag and a doll.

2015-04-25 20.34.01

How cool is this bag? Exactly what I am doing right now by the way.

I have to be honest here, because I have only joined the group 3 months or so ago I didn’t know anyone at the awards. Maybe about a handful. I do know a good few blogs but can’t sort the faces neither names to it though. I am sure there was a few of us… well I hope so anyway.

Around 6.30pm or so we started off the dinner. As the starter I had some sort of chicken pate. It was alright. I eat everything but even that was a bit unusual for me.
The main course was amazing. Again it was chicken with a vegetables and mash. Delicious! But the dessert had to be the best. Chocolate Brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top. Yum Yum! I could have had 2! I am so into chocolate at the moment, even after this second pregnancy which is no good to me considering I need to lose weight for this wedding next year.

2015-04-25 18.14.17


The menu

In between the food there were a few games where you could bin for example a next voucher or a hamper from Essencia. Another one was where everyone had a One 4 All Giftcard underneath their side plate. You had to peel it off to see if you were a winner. I don’t actually know who won but it wasn’t me unfortunately.

Ellen and me were sitting across from Sandra from A Modern Mommy and her husband. It was lovely chatting to you the whole evening.

2015-04-25 18.46.57-1

9pm everyone went upstairs to the rooftop and watch the teapot awards been given out to the winners of each category. A few people got 2 awards. That’s how good they were. I don’t think I can ever catch up with these but I try my best.
In between the awards the hosts had a few games going too. One of them was a quiz. 2 teams formed of 3. I am glad I didn’t join because I wouldn’t have known any of the answers. That shows I need to catch up with all the Irish bloggers. It is hard to get the time lately though.

2015-04-25 20.54.56

After the awards everyone was hanging around chatting away and having a few drinks. Ellen and I left around 11pm then to go back to the hotel. I don’t think I am made for long nights out any more.

Sunday morning then I was hoping to have a lie in but I seem to be programmed to wake up early so I woke at 7.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Funny enough because that was when hubby got up with the kids too and texted me. At 9am I went downstairs to have some breakfast and met the lovely Ellen on the way with her boyfriends and the cute Aidan. I already forgot how small and cute Matthew was at that age.
10am I checked out of the hotel and went to IKEA to get a few bits for the house and a new tent for Matthew. Only problem is it takes up half the kitchen so I am putting it up every now and then. It’s massive! But so much better than the Mickey Mouse tent Matthew used to have. I was supposed to get a bed for Matthew too on this trip but the boxes at IKEA are packed so awkward that I didn’t think it would fit into my car. So I will have to go up with daddy’s car in a few weeks as we are getting really tight for time regarding Chloe moving into her room and cot bed.

I hope everyone else who went had a lovely night. Hopefully I see you all at next years awards again.

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