How I spent a Summer Day as a Child

Summer has definitely arrived now. Apart from sharing the usual summer tips I thought it might be fun to share how I spent a summer day as a child. That’s of course only as much as I can remember. I had a great childhood. Loved every minute of it. And because I was an only child I was spoilt but I wouldn’t say spoilt rotten. My grandad was always so good to me making the summers fun in the garden with so many different things.

1. The most fun thing I loved to do in the garden by a mile was spending time in the tent, sleeping in it, having friends staying over and sleeping during the night or just spending the day in it colouring in, playing or listening to the radio. My granddad used to put a lead from his garage into the garden so I had electricity. scan teil 2 051 2. Our garden was massive and we had a path leading through the garden the whole way. At the end of it my granddad built a swing. I loved swinging. scan teil 2 038 3. Apart from all the playing there was one thing I enjoyed most. Harvest the potatoes, plums, strawberries, beans and what else we had in the garden. We had a lot of vegetables and fruit growing. We had apple, cherry and peach trees, too. scan janine baby 017 4. I am big into swimming since I was a child. So my mum and me went to the lake a lot. When I was smaller I spent the time in my swimming pool in the garden. scan teil 2 011 5. Our house was overlooking a lake. Every now and again my mum and I spent the day cycling around it, stopping half way for lunch or climbing some hills and trees. scan janinehahahahaha 070 6. My mum was friends with a couple who owned a garden near the lake. Once it was warm I think pretty much every weekend we went out to go fishing. Thinking about it now I wouldn’t touch a fish no matter what.

7. I spent a lot of time with my granddad. He was a person who spent everyday outside in his garage even on rainy days. What we both loved doing, was build tents out of things like blankets and stuff. scan teil 2 0188. I can’t remember when we got our cat but she was great fun. She was pretty much my best animal friend. Her name was Schnurri ( yes, that’s where the name of my email address comes from) She got to a great age. She turned 13 but 2-3 years ago she died unfortunately. can janine3 001   9. Outdoor games in the garden included table tennis, badminton, football and squash. 10. This bit I must have picked up from my grandad. He built a lot of things. So I loved doing the same and built stuff out of wood. I even attempted to build a tree house once. Now, I hope this gives you an idea what you could do with your kids this summer.

What were your favourite things to do as a child?

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  1. Thanks for commenting. Yeah, cycling was a big part for me too. I cycled to school everyday until I got a car.

  2. I remember it when I see all the pictures. It all comes into my mind then.

  3. Sounds like you remember your childhood with much fondness and had a wonderful time, I do recall endless summers when I was little, that is for sure 🙂
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