How We Decorate for Christmas

Two weekends ago we decorated the house for Christmas all weekend. The week prior to that, we went to the local Woodies to pick up a new tree. The one we had for years was a bit broken and we just put up with it over the years. It was time for a new one. Luckily Woodies had 20% off so we didn’t spend too much. I am hoping the new will last at least eight years as well.

On the Saturday hubby took the kids to swimming while I climbed into the attic and took down all the boxes that say ‘Christmas’ on it. We have collected some serious amount of stuff over the years. Some of it we have not used in years and some of it is half broken. So before setting everything up, I decided to go through each box and sort it out. What we don’t need anymore, went into the bin. At least now the boxes are all cleared out and ready to be filled again next year.

I left the tree last because I wanted to do this bit with the kids. In November I got a few stencils and snow spray in Heatons for the window. It came with eight stencils and I sprayed these on the window in the living room. It actually looks lovely from the outside. This is something my mum used to do a lot in the windows in our house back in Germany. It doesn’t always have to be lights. A simple bit of snow in the window can be just as nice.

Apart from the actual Christmas tree, the mantel piece is the centre of attention in our living room each year. I love decorating it. I was a bit easier in the old house because where everything sits on was wider so more stuff can be added but I managed a different way which is just as nice. A while ago I picked up a cute garland with reindeer that light up.  Normally we have one with hearts hanging over the stove but this was just that bit more Christmassy. As well as that we have our stockings hanging down from the mantel piece, a snow globe and a light up box which I changed the wording to “Santa Stop Here”. I didn’t want to add too much because it would look a bit too tacky then.

As a tradition that has been going as far as I can remember, I also pulled out the advent wreath again this year. I am not a big fan of real candles, particularly when there are kids in the house. I am using the advent candles my mum passed onto me than can be set to turn off after 4 or 8 hours which is very handy. We turn on one candle each Sunday until the last one and then it’s Christmas. I have actually forgotten to turn on the second one yesterday because the weekend was so manic.I also love my new wipeable Christmas tablecloth.

Of course in December the one thing that can’t be missing is the advent calendar. The kids normally get a chocolate one from the shop while us adults get the Christmas tree one. I am filling this with random chocolates I picked up from Tesco. The Christmas tree advent calendar I purchased on Zulily a few years ago and I have to say was probably one of the best purchases I have made.

A new addition was added to our Christmassy home this year. Rudolph the red nose reindeer. He was reduced in Homestore and More to half price and now resides in the hallway. The kids love him.

When the kids came home from swimming, it was time to put up the tree and add the lights and ornaments. It actually took a good hour and maybe a bit more to get it up and pull the branches in the right direction. It’s a 8 foot tall tree after all. Decorating with kids can be interesting. Every ornaments ends up at the bottom of the tree but I fixed it with them after and they were happy with the end result.

Right now the only thing left to do, is to add the lights onto the bushes outside. I keep meaning to do it but then get distracted or have no time. Hopefully they will go up in the next few days, before Christmas anyway.

How do you decorate? Do you go over the top or keep it to a limit?

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  1. Hello Janine, your home is so beautiful. You have decorated your home in such a nice manner. I will also use your ideas for the decoration on this Christmas. Your children are so cute. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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