KIDDY Smartfix Car Seat Review


Safety is the most important thing when it comes to our children. Especially when you travel by car. A good quality car seat is absolute necessary in my opinion. Matthew only ever had one car seat since he was a baby, apart from the infant car seat of course. Up until a month ago he was still in his Group 123 Dimples car seat which has 5 point harness.  As he is becoming a big boy now, the harness was getting a bit awkward and the straps kept falling down. He wasn’t really strapped in safe enough anymore.

This is where I decided to change his car seat and replace it with a group 2-3. I could have easily continued using the Dimples and strap him in with the big boy seat belt. But the problem with that was, I didn’t think the seat was installed correctly considering it has no ISO fix connector. This is where the KIDDY Smartfix comes in.  This is definitely one of the features I love. When I installed the car seat, once I found the ISO FIX bits in my car, it was so easy to pop it in. It feels so secure.



As well as the ISOFIX connectors it also comes with a shock absorber which will reduce forces in an event of a frontal impact. Experts tested the Smartfix and it turns out it has “a very low risk of injury” in a side impact.

What I also noticed on the seat was, how soft the padding is. It is very cosy. The Soft-Tex fabric helps regulate the child’s temperature. No doubt your child will have the most comfortable journey.

The Smartfix has 14 adjustable head & shoulder position settings to ensure this seat perfectly fits your child’s body dimensions in height & width. The tight-fitting side cushioning elements offer the best protection. I didn’t really have to adjust much because Matthew fitted in perfectly. It also has a leg extension to make the car journey even more comfortable for your child.


The KIDDY Smartfix is suitable for kids from the age of 3 to 12 years of age.  It means we will get years out of this car seat. Your child will have to be at least 15kg and it ranges up to 36kg. The seat is available in various different colours. I went for Oslo. There are many other ones though such as Honolulu, Singapore, Mumbai etc. There’s even one called Dublin, how cool is that? The price is £189.99.

We are looking forward to use this car seat with many years to come. In hubby’s car we still have the old Dimples car seat I talked about earlier. Matthew does not want to sit in it anymore which means I always end up collecting him from creche or hubby has to drive my car. I think we might have to order a second one of these very soon.


Disclaimer: We were gifted with the car seat for the purpose of this review.  As always my honest opinion and the photos taken are my own.

18 thoughts on “KIDDY Smartfix Car Seat Review

  1. We have used Kiddy Car Seats since our children were babies and have always been extremely happy with them. The boys still use theirs now. They offer great comfort, safety, versatility and practicality, we love them and recommend them to everyone we can.

  2. I’m looking for group three at the moment as Monkey is just moving out of a harness. But I’ve been struggling to find one with isofix and at 4 years I still think that’s a really important feature! In fact the reason I’ve not brought one is for this reason! Now I’ve found one! Thanks so much. Stopping by from #triedtested.

  3. I know and to be honest I dont feel safe if its not safe. Because what to do you when you use the seat belt for the child but it’s also used to secure the car seat.

  4. We are going to get a second one of these. It’s very comfortable sitting in it (I might have tried it out myself lol) xx

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