Ladies Day

Thursday I had a visitor coming over from Germany. My one and only bestie Karo.

We decided to have a ladies day on Friday. Just pure pampering. My lovely fiance bought us a voucher back in May to go to a seaweed bath in Strandhill. So we took this opportunity and made an appointment for that morning. It’s something different and its always great to try out new stuff.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It’s very relaxing. If you do it though, bring a friend along as it can be boring doing it on your own. They have 2 baths in one room too. The bath can go on as long as 50 minutes and you use the steam beforehand.



Afterwards we enjoyed a half body massage. It was nice but I wouldn’t want to do it again. I would definitely do the seaweed bath again though.
If you look at it on the picture, you’d think its disgusting but all it is the stuff is oily. It’s supposed to very good for your skin.

After all that we needed to treat ourselves to some nice lunch. Where else would you go…? Only Shells cafe.


Everything is homemade. Their bread has to be the best. One of the reasons I always go for the chicken sandwich. Worth a visit if anyone of you is near Strandhill some day. They have their own cook book and in fact it’s their second edition.

Karo had a French manicure in the afternoon in town.
We really enjoyed ourselves and the weather was just brilliant.

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