Living Arrows 24/52 – School Boy

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” by Kahlil Gibran, 

I was nearly not going to write this post because there was not much happening at the weekend. I was away in Sligo where our second office is and worked there on Friday. We had a helpdesk night out planned for that night. I was only home Saturday at lunch time.

The reason why I had to be home a bit earlier was, hubby was off playing his last tennis match in the tournament. It was away which meant which meant he needed to do a bit of traveling. When I came into the door, the kids were already sat at the table having their lunch (#superdad). Shortly after it was time to put Chloe down for her nap. It didn’t last too long though until she woke up crying half an hour later. She ended up with me on the couch cuddling while Matthew was watching a bit of TV, relaxing. Normally when Chloe is in bed, it’s mummy and son time.

As mummy has been away for two night, I treated my little ones to some ice cream. I bought cones in Tesco a while ago and filled these with scoops of ice cream for them. They were delighted. Plus the weather was kinda nice too.

Sunday it was off to the Whitwater Shopping Centre. It’s in the nearest town which is only a 15 minutes drive. Chloe was due some new shoes. It feels like I bought her the new shoes only three months ago. But she went up by one whole size again. She is now a size 5 1/2. She has wide feet and the lady in the shop told me that kids with wide fit grow faster. I was hoping to get the same shoes as her best friend in creche but they only had grey ones. Chloe was happy with them.

Later in the afternoon I finally got time to unpack my Marks and Spencer order from the other day. The parcel was packed with full of school uniforms for when Matthew starts school in September. It’s way too early to think about that. My little  boy is not even five yet!!! Anyway, after a bit of talking him around, I finally got him to try on his whole uniform. He isn’t a fan of wearing a shirt, mainly because has never worn a shirt in his whole life. He looks adorable in it thought, doesn’t he?

Living Arrows

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