Me and Mine {August}

It’s the end of August and Summer is nearly over. For Ireland we actually had a pretty good summer for once. Even today it’s pretty warm. I hope it stays like that a bit longer. I don’t fancy taking out the coat or boots yet. Who else feels more comfortable in summer clothes. It should be summer all year round. Anyway, it’s time to link up with the Me and Mine project again over on the Dear Beautiful Boy blog.


Daddy was loving:

• Playing Game Boy Advanced
• Starting to get into tennis again now that he joined up a new tennis club
• Going to the cinema
• Taking Matthew to his first invited birthday party
• our first family holiday abroad

Mammy was loving:

• Sun bathing on holidays
• Pool time with Matthew
• our first family holiday in Spain
• the buffet in Spain

Matthew was loving:

• Swimming in the pool
• Water fights with other boys in the children’s pool
• Mini golf in Spain
• Playing on the beach
• Riding on a train in Tayto Park
• Blowing out the candles for his birthday

Chloe was loving:

• The Flintstones dinosaur on holidays
• Swing in our hotel
• starting to stand up
• Fanta Lemon

The Me and Mine Project

7 thoughts on “Me and Mine {August}

  1. Thanks Alex. It was my mission to get a family photo at the beach in Spain. 🙂 Mission complete. xx

  2. Haha, I wish we had weather like that in Ireland but yeah this one was taken in Spain. 🙂 x

  3. I looked at your photo and thought “I know you said Ireland had a good summer, but wow!” – then I worked out that might just be Spain!! What a beautiful spot, I’m glad you had a lovely holiday 🙂
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