Me & Mine {March}

It is that time of the month again. Me & Mine from the beautiful Lucy over on Dear Beautiful Boy. I missed last month link up because it was such a busy month and I just didn’t get time to take a photo at all. Either Matthew wasn’t up for it or Chloe was too windy as by the looks of it she might have colic. Not easy.

As it is the March link up what other photo can you take than a St. Patrick’s Day themed one. This is our family photo this month:



Mummy is loving:
– One Born Every Minute again
– the bright evenings (summer is coming!)
– all the smiles Chloe has been given lately

Daddy is loving:

– climbing up and down with Matthew in the play centre
– feeding Chloe and getting to know her.

Matthew is loving:

– play centre every Sunday ( weather has been bad)
– his new garage toy daddy got him

Chloe is loving:

– the lion rattle Matthew used to love as a baby too
– the kisses and hugs he gets from her big brother

That was March for us. Not much happening as you all know, once you have a newborn she takes up the whole day  Feeding, comforting, entertaining (yes, an 8 week old baby does require entertainment of some sort. Chloe gets bored in her basket).

dear beautiful

4 thoughts on “Me & Mine {March}

  1. OBEM gets you every time doesn’t it? I love watching it. I don’t know why. some on there I find a bit ridiculous though. It’s so played.

  2. Yeah I definitely prefer bright evenings.
    Don’t have to go out in the dark to feed the cats for example. Lol

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