My Family Haul Wishlist

Lately, well probably since I am on maternity leave which I started the end of January, I seem to be doing a lot of online shopping. The list is endless. I always find something I need. It is not that everything I buy online is a waste.  It is actually stuff hubby and I or the kids need. We have set a budget for everything a while ago.

So let me start off with my own wishlist.
As I only recently gave birth to my daughter Chloe who is now 10 weeks old my body is still adjusting and I need to lost a bit more weight. (Especially after scheduling our wedding for 2016) Despite losing weight I still feel good and love having new clothes in my wardrobe even if they are a size bigger.

1. New Look seems to be the shop at the moment I get my clothes from. I have recently purchased a new cardigan and a pair of jeans.
But because I am wearing pretty much the same clothes everyday I’d like to add a few more to my collection.

I like comfort. I wear leggings pretty much everyday. I usually combine them with dresses or long tops.



I love this kinda style. It is a shirt but yet a dress. Simple but still dressed well. You can get it in another 3 different colours.


I bought one of these recently and thought about getting a second one. They are so comfy.



This would be a lovely dress to go out in. I am thinking of purchasing it for the blog awards I am attending in 2 weeks time.

2. Recently I read a post on Alex’s Blog BumptoBaby about a website that sells great slogan t-shirt. I found a really cool blog related one. Check it out:


3. I am using my Sony cybershot camera more lately because it takes photos so much better than the camera on my phone. I was thinking of getting a tripod. There were many occasions where I would have needed one but instead I used a book to bring it higher but it was quite awkward



Sony sell a pretty cool one and it is at a reasonable price. My camera is just an ordinary one but it takes photo as if is a DLSR one.

4. The last thing on my wishlist but also it is an item that has been on my wish list quite a long time is a diary planner for my blog. There is so many websites and so many different planner. Whether it is amazon or Busy B. I just can’t decided which ones to get.
It would be great if you could get involved and suggest me a few to make it a bit easier for me.

Now to Matthew’s wishlist

There is really only one item on the list he is in need of the next month or so as he has plenty of clothes. The draws are full to the top.

As he will be turning 3 at the end of August I don’t think there is much point purchasing a toddler bed at this stage. The length of those won’t last long for him. But IKEA has brilliant kids beds and I have chosen his one a few months ago. I just need to go down to Dublin one day to pick it up before Chloe is moving into his cot bed.



There are 2 types of this bed. Either this one which I wanted to get for him or a white one with sheep on the headboard. They both look nice but the white might blend in nicer considering he has a creme/blue bedroom.

Last but not least Chloe’s wishlist

She is the first girl in this family so basically regarding clothing I need to buy all clothes from scratch again. There was only about a handful she could wear from Matthew’s clothes boxes being neutral colours.

She has only recently grown into 0-3 months babygros. They are actually still a bit big on her. She has enough clothes to hold in this size. Next size up is going to be 3-6 months. I already looked at a few cute sleepsuits from Next. Some of you might think now “She is going to look so cute in little dresses though”. Well, just like Matthew I prefer having comfy sleepsuits on her until around 5-6 months and occasionally maybe proper clothes. She is only small for so long and can wear lots and lots of nice dresses once she is older. I am so bad when it comes to fashion sense for girls. So it will be hard buying for her.

695-354-X55s 782-120-X55s 959-591-G30s



That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed my little haul and maybe found a few things for yourself, too.

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