Old Photos – My Childhood in Pictures

Prompt fifteen for Blogtober is “Old Photos”. The first thing coming to my mind is my own childhood. I was fortunate enough that my mum has documented my childhood very well. I have so many photos from me growing up which is such a nice memory to have. I am sharing a few with you this evening.

This is me all happy sitting in the bedroom in my highchair ready to be fed I am guessing. I was not a happy camper when the food was gone. Back in the day Semolina was the most popular food to feed babies. Funny enough as I got older, I absolutely hated it.

This was without a doubt my favourite ride on. A simple wooden scooter. Probably the best thing I ever had. A shame these don’t exist anymore these days.

As most of you know, I am born in Germany and spent nineteen years of my life there until I moved to Ireland. Back in the day we used to get a lot of snow. And I mean A LOT of it. Here is me on a sleigh while my mum was pulling me along the garden. My cat was also a big of being pulled along.

Probably just like every child, I loved Disney. My mum took me two Disneyland when I was about seven or eight years of age. I absolutely loved it and I can ‘t wait to take my own kids when they are old enough.

Yeah, I had no fear as a child. This was me feeding a camel in either Tunisia or Bulgaria. We traveled the world every Summer holiday.

I was very proud and so happy when I got this Barbie doll house for my birthday. I think it was either my fifth or sixth birthday.

This was taken when I first started school. I was doing my homework in room at my new table.

I could share hundreds and hundreds of more photos of my childhood. I have to say I had a wonderful childhood but I don’t want to overload this post with too many photos.


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