A while ago I entered a campaign on Twitter. This involved to show your love for the minions. The campaign is called #OneInAMinion.

Asda allowed me to purchase some Minion goodies off their website with a voucher of £45. I was delighted with that because we are minion mad in this house. Matthew has picked up on the Minions somehow in the last few weeks and talks about them all the time. So last weekend my friend, Matthew and I finally went to the cinema with him and he watched the Minions. He sat through the whole movie and was amazed by it.


Here he is in his Minion T-Shirt that he absolutely adores.


And this is us all Minion mad. I think it all started with my friend Karo being into Minions and she buys everything Minions related. Even for her birthday the only thing I bought her was lots and lots of Minion items.  Since then pretty much we all got into the Minions too. But aren’t they cute little creatures?

I picked up a pyjama set and a Minion T-Shirt for my friend.

For Matthew I bought a poncho that he can use after coming out of the bath or whenever we go on holidays next year he can use it once coming out of the pool. It is very handy. You just put it over him and he can run around with it without getting cold and losing it.

The other thing I bought was Minion briefs. Matthew will turn 3 at the end of this month and potty training is coming closer and closer so these are great to start with during the day.

If you are mad into the Minions like we are why not follow this link that brings you to the Asda website and have a look what you can pick up. There is something for everyone whether it’s for the kids or for yourself.

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