Our first 2 weeks of Weaning with Ella’s kitchen

About a month ago  I was sent a lovely box of scrumptious pouches by Ella’s kitchen from 4 months onwards. This was perfect timing to start Chloe on food as I want her to be fully weaned by the time she goes to creche/nursey in a month time. 2015-06-05 08.57.07 I thought I am going to start off the way I started off weaning Matthew. So her first ever taste was carrot. Honestly, she wasn’t a fan at all. She shook herself in fact. Matthew was different, he loved carrots and lived off them. DSC05629 I gave it another week then, until I properly weaned her because I was away for a few days and daddy had enough to be doing minding the 2 kids. So 2 weeks ago we started the proper weaning then and I introduced her to as many flavours as possible. We started off with parsnips this time. 2015-06-23 12.00.17 Day 1 wasn’t a big hit but I didn’t give up because in fact it can take up to 10 tries until they finally find a like for it. Day 2 was much better then and she wanted more and more. Day 4 we moved onto the fruit. In a space of 2-3 days we tried out pears and banana. Both she was in love with and she gave out when it was all gone. She actually didn’t want the bottle anymore after. It is a struggle now to get a bottle into her as I give her a few oz beforehand and then food and then a bit more bottle after. She used to take 6oz but now that she knows lunch time is Ella’s kitchen weaning time she only takes 4oz at most and that is even hard to get into her by the way. I don’t mind to be honest though as she still gets 5 bottles where her brother only had 4 at this stage but all at 8oz each. 2015-06-26 11.33.18 2015-06-29 11.31.19   Now that she tried 2 flavours of fruit I wanted to move back to more vegetables. Peas was on the menu. Again she shook herself, same the day after so I gave up on that flavour. It seems that she likes to have it mixed with fruit rather than on its own. 2015-07-02 11.38.03 Continuing on then I decided to mix it up a bit and used a pouch containing carrots, parsnips and apple. She absolutely loved it. She probably would eat the whole thing if she could. The last 2 days we tried apple on its own. She destroyed. It is fair to say that I have somebody with a sweet tooth on my hand. I hope she will eventually eat vegetables on its own. Her brother was the other way around. He loved vegetables when he was a baby and now he is picking at it or just picks out the peas and sweetcorn. I think he ate too many carrots in his life as a baby. 2015-07-06 11.19.53 Generally I am not a big fan of tasting baby food but I was curious how it actually tastes because you can get these horrible tasting jars you wouldn’t even be able to smell. So I did smell some of Ella’s kitchen pouches and tried them too. I have to say they are delicious and as fresh as a fruit and vegetable can be. I am very happy with them and definitely continuing on using them. They are so handy on the go, too and the best thing if you keep them refrigerated they last up to 48 hours. I will continue with the mixed flavours during lunch time for now. I am going on holidays this weekend for a  few days. When I am back, I will start her on breakfast. I planned to try Readybrek but if Ella’s kitchen has some lovely yummy breakfasts on offer, I gladly try that too.

When did you start weaning your little one? Did you cook or use ready made pouches/jars? (I accept everyone’s opinion on them)

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2 thoughts on “Our first 2 weeks of Weaning with Ella’s kitchen

  1. Oh looks like you are well stocked and prepared. We were huge fans of Ella’s kitchen. B loved them to pieces. MM preferred solids right away but just follow your baby and they will tell you on the weaning side of things. Enjoy it so fun finding out what they like and don’t like and trying new things. They grow up so fast. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
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  2. I started weaning my 10 month old baby girl when she was 5 1/2 months. I followed Gina Ford’s book and started slowly with baby rice. I gave her cooked food from the recipes that are in the book. I did this until she was 9 months. Since then I have been given her Ella’s Kitchen pouches cause of lack of time and she really loves them. The 10 months pouches are really good and much more lumpy. xx #sharewithme
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