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With autumn showing and the days getting colder, we are going to spend more time indoors. It can be quite tricky to keep the kids entertained. We do spend a lot time in the house to be honest. Mainly because there is generally not much to do around where we live other than going to soft play, a walk in town or going to the beach which is weather permitting.

I brought you a review of the Play Doh ice cream machine yesterday. Over time the kids will get bored of it though. There is only so much fun you can get out of it. I was on Pinterest the other day again to look for some ideas. Not just crafts, in general really. Anyway, I stumbled across these Play Doh mats.There are basically images but unfinished. You have to finish them by using Play Doh and adding an arm, leg or eye for example.

I found two autumn themed play doh mats. They are actually class.


Credit goes to Totschooling. What I like most about this play doh mat is, it actually tells you what you need to add. It is such a brilliant idea. You can download it in PDF format here.


Up next we have another autumn/ thanks giving themed mat.This one is a bit more difficult. You need to let your imaginations flow. With the help of an adult it shouldn’t be a problem though. I found this one on This Reading Mama and you can download it here.


Play doh can also be very helpful in pre school or school when it comes to learning the numbers or the alphabet. It is a good way of tracing it with Play Doh. As well as the numbers and alphabet, the shapes you find in life are also an important part of education. On Royal Baloo’s page you can find a good amount of traceable shapes. You can download them here. Four pages of it.


You can teach your child the numbers by forming the mount of balls you need and placing them on the sheet. This lovely mat is being provided by Fun With Mama. You can download it here along with the alphabet one.

A little tip… of course it is up to everyone and you can certainly place the Play Doh on an A4 Sheet of paper when you have it printed off, but it might actually be easier when you laminate all the pages. That way they can be wiped off and can be used again at any time. It saves you a whole lot of paper as well if the kids want to do it again.

What Play Doh crafts do you do with your kids?

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  1. I know what you mean. I clean enough without these but if it keeps the kids happy I just have to put up with it lol xx

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