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The lovely Nuffnang UK gave me the opportunity to be one of the 20 lucky bloggers to review 1Wall’s Wall Murals. I was delighted about this because this is my first product review opportunity referred by a different company.

There was so many different designs to choose from on the website but I decided to go for the Minnie Mouse one. I picked this one to be a gift for a friend. Her little girl Aoife is obsessed with Minnie Mouse and loves everything that is Minnie Mouse.

2014-11-12 12.16.55

My daughter absolutely loves Minnie Mouse in her room. Every time she sees it she squeaks Minnie House and beams from ear to ear. It has created a magical bedroom for her. 
The quality of the paper is second to none, very accommodating when trying to hang it. I would prefer to have this size in four sections or be able to have it ceiling to floor rather than wall to wall. I found it a little on the awkward side to hang due to the width of the piece. Now in saying that the quality of the paper allowed for it to be adjusted on numerous occasions to get it to line up with the ceiling.
The instructions called for 3 litres of paste if I used one third of this that would be a lot. I allowed the paper soaking time before hanging to ensure maximum efficiency. Also as the quality of the paper is so good my initial attempt at trimming around the edge failed, perhaps a new unused blade on my Stanley knife would have been able to cut cleanly. I marked with the knife, then cut with a scissors to not tear and destroy the paper. 

I will definitely have to browse your site to find something to transform my sons bedroom now.

And here once again is the happy girl and the new addition to her bedroom.


Aoife’s mum and I are part of a mums Facebook group with children all the same age as Aoife and their siblings. This wallpaper has become a huge interest in the group now and a lot of other mums want to purchase these wall murals.

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