Stuffed Pepper

I haven’t shared a recipe with you in ages. So here it goes. This is my all time favourite one! I could have this every week!

Stuffed Pepper (best served with rice)

Ingredients: Mince (800g)
Peppers x5
2 Eggs
Salt, Pepper
Ketchup, Tomato puree

– Scoop out the peppers
– Season the mince and mix it with 2 Eggs
– Fill the peppers with the mince to the top
– In a big pan brown the peppers a bit and fill it up with water afterward. The peppers should not swim in it.
– Cook these for about 40 minutes turning them twice in between
– Take the peppers out, add the ketchup and tomato puree to produce the sauce. You have to see for yourself how much so make sure you taste it.
– Turn the peppers in it.
– Cook the rice according to pack instructions. Enjoy!


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