What’s your favourite Ice Cream?

This October I am taking part in the Blogtober challenge. I am so proud of myself that I have made it to day nine so far. Must be a record in my blogging career. I have thought about today’s prompt in many different ways, but as I want my readers to engage with the blog, the best I could think of was the ice creams I have been loving over the last thirty years of my life.

It’s safe to say that anyone in this world likes ice cream. More so during the summer. I remember this summer I had a huge amount of ice cream. Nearly every day because it was so warm. The kids were loving it. A treat nearly every day when they come home from creche. As the days get colder, the ice cream hype cools down (see what I did there?) Though ice cream is popular anytime of the season. I like having an ice cream dessert for example when I am going out for dinner. (That once a year gathering) But I also like to have two choices of ice cream in the freezer at home. For the kids, as well as myself to tuck into in the evening time in front of the TV while the kids are in bed asleep.

I am such a child when it comes to the flavours of ice cream. Anything that is nice and colourful I love the most.

One of my all time favourites has to be bubblegum ice cream. With marshmallows in it is a bonus. It was one of my favourite flavours as a child and I have been loving it ever since. I could never imagine not liking it. My two kids love it, too. It’s probably the colour of it that makes it so attractive looking.

Since having kids I actually have to share this bag of fruit screamers. They are so handy though. Little mess because they are so small but yet so delicious.

My childhood ice cream. Not available in Ireland unfortunately. Reason why I only get to have this whenever I am over in German. But it has been probably at leas two years or so since I last had it. The name of this ice cream is Bum Bum. The stick is made out of chewing gum.

Brunch is probably the all time favourite for everyone. I have been introduced to this ice cream when I first moved to Ireland eleven years ago. There is actually a funny story behind this. A few friends and me were meeting one of the celebrities we were falling. He had a Brunch in his hand so we all went off to the shop and bought one, too. The influence of famous people.

Last but not least. Ben & Jerry’s… not the cheapest ice cream around. But in fact it’s a whole tub full of goodness. I generally buy it when it’s on offer in Tesco. Don’t think I ever bought it when it was the full price of nearly six euro. My favourite one is the Phish Food which contains marshmallow, caramel swirls and fish chocolate shapes. This sort of ice cream would sit with me during a movie night.

What’s your favourite ice cream?


10 thoughts on “What’s your favourite Ice Cream?

  1. I love magnum almonds I was devastated when I was pregnant on my five year old daughter and couldn’t eat nuts then on my seven month old daughter they changed the rules and I could eat them

  2. Oh yeah Twisters are nice but we got a huge box of Twisters into work this Summer that I am actually sick of them lol x

  3. I’m quite boring in my ice cream tastes, my favourite is raspberry ripple! I haven’t eaten Ben and Jerry’s in years, you’ve just reminded me how good it is – my favourite of their flavours is Cookie Dough.

  4. I have been meaning to go to Iceland but the closest one we have is like 20 minutes from me. Might have to get one of those bags that keeps the stuff frozen.

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