Christmas Gift Ideas For Mammy

Continuing with my gift guide series, it’s now time for some ideas for us mummy’s. I actually found it very hard to pick something for myself this year. There is absolutely nothing I need. As we have moved house a year ago, the only thing I could ever need is practical stuff or home decor. I love decorating all the rooms. Maybe you can spot something yourself in this guide that you might fancy.

1. Morphy Richards Toaster

This toaster fits four slices. As a family of four we do need a four slice one rather than a two slice one. The one we have at the moment is on its last leg. When we moved house, the first few weeks it wasn’t working right anymore and there was always a burning smell coming out of it. I did clean it out but we do have it nearly nine years so I think it’s time to get a new one. Morphy Richards is a brand I love when it comes to household gadgets. The toaster is £65 but probably can be found cheaper if I shop around.

2. Morphy Richards Kettle

Matching the toaster, I think it would be nice to get a new kettle with that. I only replaced our kettle with a quiet kettle last year but the filter in it broke quite some time ago. So it has been on our list to replace it. As our kitchen is quite dark, I would like to brighten it up with some bright colours. I did look at getting a yellow kettle because our kitchen is yellow themed in a way or will be eventually, but it is quite hard to find a yellow kettle that is not too dear. This particular one is available at £45.

3. Morphy Richards Steam Iron

I am not the biggest ironing fan. In fact I leave it the last minute until it’s all built up and hubby has no shirts left. Recently though he moved office and in the new office he is required to wear a suit every day. It means I have to iron once a week now and it’s nice to sneak in some other clothes that would require ironing but I never bothered with in the past. I do have a Morphy Richards Steam iron for years but I have had trouble with it in the last few weeks. Whenever I fill it with water, the water leaks out which means the clothes are getting soaked. I think it’s time for a new one. Available for £35.

4. Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

Something I have been eyeing for quite a long time and one of my friends has advised me to get. I missed the change at Aldi and Lidl recently to pick up a slow cooker. You can make so many nice things and just let it cook away for hours. At the moment I am trying out a lot of new recipes and I have stumbled across of them that require a slow cooker. This meant I couldn’t actually make it. This would be a dream and the kids might actually enjoy tasting different things.  Available for £24..

5. Ravensburger Puzzle

As much as Matthew is into puzzles, I am too. I could easily sit on the floor one evening for hours and make a section. The blog has taken over the last couple of years but I am trying to create more of a routine for myself come next year so I still get my own me time in the evening, rather than sitting in front of the computer writing posts. I need to take advantage of scheduling posts more. A 1000 puzzle would be nice to start of. As I am a big fan of New York, I found this Flat Iron one. Available on Amazon for £27.

6. *VARTA Slim Power Bank

If you are like me, then you will run out of battery on your phone by midday. You don’t always have a fast charger with you or on the go. I have a power bank but it’s not the best one. I came across this Slim Power Bank from VARTA recently. As a German I second VARTA batteries and support any kind of German companies. I thought I would give this Power bank ago. It looks quite big but you can charge two devices at the same time at fast speed. It has 18000 mAh. Available on Amazon for £37.

7. *Ellie Illustrates Princess Pirate Posters

Last but not least the most adorable thing and something each home decor freak would love in their kids room. As some of you may know, my blog header was designed by the lovely Helen from Ellie Illustrates. She has recently launched a new product of her own which I absolutely love. She came up with two types of personalised gift posters which are available in A4 and A3 size. The designs you can pick from are “The tale of the pirate” and “The tale of the princess”. I still want a bit more decoration on Chloe’s wall. Her room is definitely my favourite one. Helen created a poem that will feature your child. The illustrations are all hand drawn by her. So if you are looking for a present for someone with kids or you want one of these hanging in your own kids bedroom, then why not check out her website. She currently has a Christmas offer running. The A4 sized poster is £14 and the A3 sized one £16. This includes personalisation, print and delivery. And best of all…  you receive free colouring in posters that the kids will enjoy.

Disclaimer: I was gifted with the products highlighted with *. As always this is my very own opinion.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas For Mammy

  1. Well then I must definitely get one. Never ever had one because I am not the biggest cook.

  2. Being a young mother, I understand the love my mom gives. I am looking for some gifts for her, and fortunately, now I know what I should give her after reading your blog. Thanks so much!

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