Me and Mine August 2017

Another month has gone past in a flash. August was a very special month. It was Matthew’s fifth birthday and also his first day at school today. I can’t believe we are at that stage already.

I can see auutmn slowly making its way. We didn’t spent as much time as we normally would outside. That doesn’t mean we didn’t get up to much. No, quite the opposite. We enjoyed ourselves indoor, too. Matthew had quite a lot of birthday invites in the month of August. We are probably VIPs in the play centre at this stage now. But every time he is super excited and runs straight into the climbing frames and slides. That is a really big step from the boy who was too shy to climb up thing over a year ago. They grow up so quickly don’t they?

On the August bank holiday weekend we took a little trip down south to County Wexford and stayed overnight in the Maldron hotel. Matthew is always getting super excited when we stay over in the hotel. We are at the stage now of “Are we there yet?” If the bank account allows it, I am trying to get us away for at least a day or maybe a night every month. Not always possible but would be nice to escape the daily routine every now and again.

This month family portrait I have chosen from the weekend. I couldn’t resist. It highlight Matthew’s fifth birthday party. It was either that or us four in the bed at the Maldron hotel and honestly who wants to see that? A floating number in the air just looks way cooler.

Daddy was loving:

  • Two nights away to see family and attend a family wedding
  • Another night away at a friends wedding

Mammy was loving:

  • A bit of sightseeing in County Wexford including a Lighthouse
  • A day off
  • Eddie Rockets and a trip to the cinema with friends from work

Matthew was loving:

  • First ever proper haircut in a hair salon for kids (He had a fear of getting his hair cut until now)
  • All the presents he got for his birthday particularly the Lightning McQueen remote control car
  • A day with just mammy and daddy at the farm plus the train ride
  • A ride on a fire engine
  • Going on the bumper cars at a festival with daddy

Chloe was loving:

  • her new teddy Nala from the Lion King
  • her very own Minnie Mouse tumbler
  • sleeping in mammy/daddy’s bed (she is still loving that a bit too much)
  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood (New TV series she likes watching on Netflix)
  • A play date with her best creche buddy
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7 thoughts on “Me and Mine August 2017

  1. Happy 5th Birthday such a big celebration over summer. Hooray! Sounds like you had a good one. Love this family snap full of happy memories. Happy September ahead. #meandmineproject

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