Potty Training – 4 Weeks In

As promised I wanted to update you on our current potty training situation. We are now entering week 5 of potty training and honestly, I wouldn’t have thought in my dreams that it would go this good so quick.Now, to some of you out there it might not be a big move at all but to us this is huge to get Matthew this far.


Those first 4 days I blogged about previously were horrendous, torture, tearing out my hair. But it got better.

Just 2 weeks in, I was away on a training course from work in the office around the corner from our house (It can be handy living near work) and I got a text from hubby saying that Matthew pulled down his pants and his trousers to go for a wee wee in his potty. Proud parents moment right there. I never thought he would get there. He never tried pulling down his nappy or trousers in the past. I might have mentioned before that he has a fear of being naked. I am not really sure why but it must be a boys thing because Chloe is the complete opposite. He even knees around on the cold floor these days. Some progress we made. Hopefully we can tackle the barefeet situation soon before we go on holidays in August. Anyway… back to potty training.

The first 2 weeks we always had to ask him to make sure he tells us when he needs to go so he doesn’t wee in his pants. That soon turned into “he now goes all  my himself”. He then was sick at home with me for 2 1/2 weeks with Impetigo. Probably best thing that could have ever happened to us, obviously not nice to have Impetigo but we made such great progress on the potty training that I never even have to ask him anymore now. I can be upstairs tidying stuff away while he is making his wee in the potty. Isn’t it great? He even empties it sometimes.

There is one thing we definitely still have to work on… and that is number 2. He just won’t make it in the potty. Holds it in but eventually then makes it in his pants.I am sure most parents who have potty trained their little ones have been there. Any advice is more than welcome and much needed. I can’t talk him around it. He is too private about it. Even if I put the potty in a quiet corner where no one sees him, he won’t do it.

Another thing I am trying to tackle by the time we go on holidays is the big toilet. It’s basically a second potty training. How do I get him to sit on the big toilet? Our toilets are quite high and so he definitely need the steps.But even then I find it high.We have patterned seat that goes onto the toilet. He stands on the steps but that’s about it. He is too scared to sit on the actual toilet. I am hoping this will come naturally from him after a few months of potty training but I don’t really fancy carrying around a potty on holidays. Has anyone any tips or tricks?

I haven’t attempted nighttime training yet but we are not far off that. Some nights he is dry and every morning, once he wakes up, he is going to the potty straight away so he seems to be getting the idea.

We have now also eliminated the treats that he got when he went on the potty which was chocolate buttons. I am planning to bring them back in, once he makes number 2 in the potty. They are at the ready in the press.

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11 thoughts on “Potty Training – 4 Weeks In

  1. Sounds like you are doing well with it. Good luck with number 2 lol It only seems like yesterday I was doing this with my two as well. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope you will continue to share your amazing blog posts with Charlotte over at Mummy Fever starting next week. #sharewithme
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  2. Sounds like you’re making great progress! I have to admit, we didn’t have problems with number twos, but with our daughter she did exactly as you’ve described. In the end it was letting her go to the bathroom alone, for privacy, that got us over that. It will come! For the big loo we had an insert seat that worked really well until they were confident enough on the big seat. As for night time, that will come when it comes, and can be much later than with day time, so don’t worry! My eldest was dry at night quickly, but my younger son took a long time.
    Sara | mumturnedmom recently posted…Simplify: time for a spring cleanMy Profile

  3. looks like you’ve made great progress! We’re also trying to potty train but weve got a very stubborn 2 year old who wont even stand next to a potty let alone sit on it !
    Ashleigh Day recently posted…52 weeks of happy {19/52}My Profile

  4. Sounds like you’ve made loads of progress. I have potty trained 2 of my children, one was easy, one really hard and we still have 2 left. One of my toddlers will occasionally wee on the potty but he’s not all that interested really – it a work in progress. The younger toddler on the other hand is quite keen so I might try and do both at the same time. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

  5. We were the same for ages with number 2 and Reuben’s potty training. We used a pebble jar system. Every time he went to the potty he got a pebble to move from one jar to an empty jar… if he did a number 2 on the potty he got 2 pebbles. He was desperate for a Mack (Disney Cars) Lorry with all the race cars and we put a picture of it next to the jars. When one jar was empty he got his mack. He was so so good and once it became habit, he was on it! H x
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  6. Well done on the progress. We haven’t even started and I really need to because even reading this makes me want to trade the constant nappy changes. I have in my head that I plan to do it this summer- hopefully when we’ve moved house and have some sort of garden. In reality it’ll probably be in our flat arrgghhh!!
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  7. I hated potty training but i do wish i did it sooner, it was slow to start with and then all of a sudden they seem to just get it!
    We’re yet to tackle the night time yet but sure that will be the next step!

    Cydney x

  8. In my experience night time training can come a lot later so sounds like you’re doing a really fab job. Potty training can be so stressful! My eldest was dry day and night at 18 months so I assumed all ids were the same. Um no! My son was almost 3, next daughter was 2 and who knows about Elsie. She’s showing no signs at 18 months and I know by experience its much easier to wait until they’re ready! Hope the next week goes well for you xx
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  9. Oh I keep buying cheap pants from Primark now. Definitely not rinsing them lol

  10. Hurrah for potty progress!! I think number twos and the big toilet all come in time, in the same way, one day he decided yes, I’ll use my potty, he’ll be keen to tackle the next stage…. In the meantime, stock up on cheap pants…. No one wants to be rinsing 🙂
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