Potty Training on the Go

So far we have mastered potty training really well. It’s week 5 now. I didn’t think we would be where we are now in a million years. Matthew has adapted really well and I am so proud of him. From weeing in his trousers the first week, to be able to tell us when he needs to go, hold and make it on time to go on the potty and then even from going to the potty himself and pull his trousers and pants down himself, that is a huge achievement. There can be the once off accident still where he didn’t make it in time, but to be expected. He is really good in general but we do still have to work on number two, the poo that is. He is a very private person when it comes to making number two and  he always was. He prefers hiding and do it.

We are now challenged with potty training on the go. I mean it has been fine so far because during the week he is in creche anyway and he is used to going to the potty but what about when we need to go out and about?

So far what I have been doing, once he made a wee on the potty, we are getting ready to go out. When I say go out, we might go for our weekend walk, go to the playground, look around shops or pop to the shop. We are lucky enough to only live a 5 mins drive from town. Even a walk is only 20mins which I find brilliant.

Since we started the potty training journey 4 weeks ago, we haven’t been anywhere further than Sligo.

The first trip we are going to make, is the beginning of August. We are going to Spain on our first family holiday. You cannot imagine how excited I am. Away in the sun, beach, cocktails, pool, splashing in the water with the kids. The weather can be a bit desperate in Ireland sometimes.
At the moment we are still trying to talk him around to sit on the big toilet. He is too scared right now but August is still 3 months away. Who knows what can happen in those 3 months. Miracles do happen.

Potette – Fold Away Travel Potty


To me this travel potty seems to be the best solution for us. It folds away nicely and can be used as a potty as well as a trainer seat to put on the adult’s toilet. The only thing I am not too sure about is the disposal liners it comes with. I think this will put Matthew off because it looks different to his precious potty at home that he decorated with his Cars stickers. Obviously it’s going to be a lot easier if he was going to use the trainer seat.
I found this travel potty on the Mothercare website.

My Carry Potty


I found these funky potty seats online. They are like little suitases. Pretty much the same size as a Trunki. Which is where the problem is. It would fall through as normal hand luggage and I wouldn’t be able to take anything else aboard like Matthew’s Trunki with all his entertainment, while on the flight, in it. There are some really cute ones though. There is Bumblebee, Ladybird and Cow. They also have some simple coloured ones and you can get them at a cost of £19.99.



If it all fails, I guess pull-ups are the only way forward. I mean it’s not that he’d be running around in it all day. Especially on an airplane it can be quite hard to get your little one to go to the toilet on a cramped airplane toilet. I am not even a fan of them and getting in and our of them as soon as possible. Our flight is around 2 1/2 hours I think, which means when we got to our destination, I would put him straight back into pants.

I think the whole key to this potty training when on the go, is to get them used to the adult’s toilet as quick as possible. It makes life easier for everyone.

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16 thoughts on “Potty Training on the Go

  1. I haven’t tried them but luckily we now have move onto the toilet. So Potette is still an option for on the go but so far I never took anything with me because we are only out for an hour or two.

  2. We have one of these and it’s fab isn’t it. We still have it in the car if we are at the stables and she gets caught short. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  3. I love that fold away travel potty, that’s such a good idea!! Fingers crossed you have some success on your holiday x

  4. I know but unfortunately my guy is scared of it but I hope he gets around to it soon. xx

  5. It’s so scary taking that leap to potty training outside the house. Sounds like little man is making fab progress though. Fingers crossed for three months time!!

  6. Potty training whilst out and about always used to worry me, we always made sure the potty went everywhere with us. I love this carry potty i actually hadn’t heard of these when my eldest was a potty training.

  7. Mine never really used potties unless we were out and about at the park for example. So much easier to use the toilet as they have to eventually. Sounds like your little man is doing a great job xx

  8. We are also in potty training hell at the moment. It’s so frustrating. I love the idea of the travel potty! At the moment we just take her regular potty out with us but it’s rather cumbersome.

  9. We’ve just started potty training our 28 month old son a few days ago. So far I think he is doing amazingly and he has already done a wee and poo on the potty. So glad it is going well for you.

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