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Day six prompt for the Blogtober challenge is Flowers. I could associated a lot with flowers but because I don’t have any flowers in my own home (Everything in the house I am growing is dying), the only other thing that came into my mind was the garden. The garden has been on my list since the beginning of the year. First we consulted a gardener to give us ideas what we could do with it. Then I decided I do my own bits and pieces until I get stuck and actually need a gardener to do the rest.

The original plan was to get the whole garden digged up and put new seeds down again. Reason being there are a lot patches when they built the house a year ago. It doesn’t look as bad now, it’s just needs to be treated for weeds. Last weekend I met the gardener we originally went to in May and he came to our house to see the garden. He gave us some drawings in May what idea he would have. You see we have a big grey stone wall when we look out the kitchen window. It’s not exactly nice to look at. It needs some colour.

His idea is to put up maybe four trellis and let trees and shrubs grow up on it. I can imagine that is going to look really nice. Along the left he was going to create a flower bed. I did that job myself and I have to say I am very proud of it. I already had a little section done of it with Lavender and Marguerites planted. They have come on very nice and give the garden a bit of colour. During the summer then I did some serious work out. I decided to dig up the rest of the left hand side of the garden and add some more shrubs. These include Red Robins.

I am so pleased with it minus the weeds coming through it already. But the gardener is coming to the rescue and one of his jobs will be to tree the whole garden. It is going to look amazing. I am a big fan of bark. Originally I had planned to put a order around my flower bed. But then I saw the finished product, I felt there was no need for it and just add some decorative bark which I purchased in Lidl. It’s so much cheaper than in a garden centre and essentially it’s the same thing.

As you can probably see in the photos above, the wall has quite a few stains on them. At the weekend Chloe and me went to Woodies to pick up a few sample pods. I painted a piece of cardboard with each of them and got hubby to hold them against the wall. I don’t want to give away too much but I managed to find THE colour. It’s going to look amazing. I am super excited.

To the right of our garden we have a wooden shed. I am planning to paint this like a  beach hut. I haven’t decided on the colours yet but I want to see the finished garden first. Then I can probably say “oh that colour will fit perfectly”. The work on the garden will commence next Friday and should be finished by the beginning of November. I will definitely update you on the progress on Instagram.


4 thoughts on “Project Garden #Blogtober17

  1. Hello Janine, you are so lucky to have your own garden. Your flower garden looks lovely, you did a great job with it. You have shared such a nice tips for making the garden more beautiful. Thanks for this appreciable post. Keep sharing.

  2. You’re so lucky to have your own garden Janine. I hope someday soon we’ll be able to have our own house and have a garden to fill with flowers. Your flowerbed looks lovely, you did a great job with it 🙂

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