The Santa Experience – Rathwood


What a busy weekend it has been.
You might remember a few months back I told you all about the Santa train. If you missed it, don’t worry you can read it here again.

Well we’ve been. I cannot recommend enough. Matthew is only 2 so doesn’t fully understand the whole fuss about Christmas but the Santa Experience we went to yesterday in Rathwood, Co.Carlow is definitely something for children 3/4 years and older. They will enjoy it even more.

Our journey up there took 3 hours but it was well worth it.

We had our slot booked for 11am. The whole tour will take about an hour.
Once we were checked in with the elves, we had to wait in a little area for everyone else to arrive. In the meantime the children were getting a bottle to put food in for the reindeers.
When everyone gathered together we walked into another room with a small stage. Mrs. Clause and an elf told their stories. All the children received a Christmas hero medal of the elf too.



Off we went on the train after to get to Santa in his grotto. Matthew loved the train! It was probably the best part for him.


In Santa’s grotto we all sat down and were called by the elves one by one to meet Santa. Matthew gave Santa a high five at the start but that was as close as he got to him. He didn’t want to sit on his knee so I had to.


Every child got a jigsaw off Santa.

After meeting Santa we were off on the choo choo again back to the main entrance.

I purchased a photo to be taken on Santa’s sleigh. One photo is €10. Very good quality.


Overall in 2 or 3 years time I’d say I would definitely go again once the new baby is old enough to go with Matthew.
The staff there put a lot of effort into this. So thumbs up everyone!

Have you brought your kids to see Santa this year yet?

3 thoughts on “The Santa Experience – Rathwood

  1. It was definitely worth it visiting. I would go again once Matthew is a bit older and the baby is Matthews age.
    Have a lovely Xmas.

  2. Wow what a great way to meet santa go on a choo choo and have a huge family day out. bet it was absolutely magical for your little one. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me, for all the continual blog support throughout 2014! Happy Holidays! #sharewithme

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