Siblings in September

We are half way through the month of September. The last two weeks I have definitely noticed a climate change and the short sleeved tops are going further and further back in my wardrobe. I have done a bit of shopping lately for the kids for some more long sleeve tops. Two days ago I even had to get out the winter coats. It is getting a bit chilly in the morning.

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Siblings in March

Here we are, half of March has gone in a blur. It only feels like yesterday we have ticked off February. March is really flying by I have to say and we have so many fun times ahead of us. ┬áThe middle of the month means it’s time for the Siblings project again. A project where I reflect on brother and sister to see how they get on together each month. It is one of my favourite photo projects I like linking up to with many other bloggers out there.

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Siblings in February

Another month has passed and it’s time again to see how brother and sister have been getting on the last month.

The month of February started off with a celebration. It was Chloe’s second birthday. We had a small party for her at the weekend and had cousin’s over. The weather was on our side and they were playing outside half the time.

The last month was actually very quiet. We have been very lazy and neglected the outside walks a bit. It’s coming close to spring now which means, well I am hoping, the weather will pick up again and we can go and explore the local area. There are a few things on our list. First is probably to find an outdoor playground. We haven’t been to a playground in months.

Above photo was taken in the living room. Matthew wanted the tunnel out to watch some Transformers. He’s obsessed with super hero’s bit particularly Transformers. This is only the cartoon version of it but I think I might have you watched the actual Transformers movies with him. I’m sure he will love it. Chloe was crawling around him watching him, annoying him, crawling into the tube.

I thought this one was adorable. I can’t remember what they were watching at the time but it might have been Mickey Mouse. They had their snacks in a bowl which was grapes and both sat down on the sofa together with the cushion on their knees.

Chloe is copying everything Matthew is doing lately. Including the crying… we definitely need to work on Matthew’s behaviour. He doesn’t listen a lot of times and that applies to creche too. I want him to be the best boy when he enters big school in September. Chloe must be the tidiest girl in her room. She’s so good cleaning up after herself. As soon as she sees me coming to collect, she goes into tidying up mode and only then she wants to leave.

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