Living Arrows 12/52 St Patrick’s Day Weekend

What a fun filled weekend we had. On top of that we got an extra day. On Friday it was St. Patrick’s Day which is a public holiday in Ireland. We had lots of plans made. Matthew’s godfather was coming over with his son and his wife. His son is nearly fourteen years of age so Matthew had lots of fun playing with him.

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and it was drizzling rain most of the weekend but that still didn’t stop us from keeping to our plan. On Friday Matthew’s godfather went to the parade in Dublin City while we sat at home and watched it on the TV. Cosy and not getting wet. I am glad we didn’t go because he said it wasn’t that good and it was only an hour long. Normally the parade starts at midday but this time it didn’t start until 12.40pm for some reason.

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Living Arrows 11/52 American Dining & Fresh Air

Last weekend was all go go go. It started off with a nice breakfast with some freshly made croissants in the oven. We then planned on bringing Chloe to Kiddis Cut to get her hair tidied up a bit. That didn’t happen in the end though. Instead we all had lunch together at home, Chloe went fora nap and me and Matthew watched the first Tranformers movie. He loves Transformers at the moment but because this is with “real people”he wasn’t interested too much. He much prefers the cartoon versions.

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Living Arrows 10/52 Pyjama Day & Rainbows

Last week was quite a busy one.  On Tuesday we had Pancake Tuesday. The kids ate one pancake each in creche but I also made a batch at home. Normally they don’t have dinner when they come home from creche and just have a small snack but this was an exception. Actually Fridays they get something lately as well because their tea in creche is always just soup and bread which means I treat them to something else.

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Living Arrows 9/52 Shopping

Last week was awful weather wise. There was storm Doris that threw things around the place. We don’t have much in the garden yet but the few bits we do have got blown all over the place. Then yesterday there was another storm on its way. Thankfully this morning the sun is shining. It’s just a bit chilly.

Due to the weather, we couldn’t do any outside activities. We tried to make the best out of it and on Saturday we went to Liffey Valley. I was meant to pick up a new pair of shoes for Chloe ages ago. The last time she got measured was November last year. Bad mummy alert. I bought a gauge from Clarks online and to my measurements she is now a 4 1/2 when she previously was a  3 1/2. I wanted to confirm the size in store. She didn’t like the man doing it as she wasn’t stretching her toe. He got a size out of it and I told him I got a size 4 1/2 so he said to go with that. On Friday I bought her a pair of pink cute converse as well. They are a size 5. Hopefully that’s her sorted for shoes now.

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Living Arrows 6/52 – Birthday Celebrations

The last week has gone like a blitz.  I’d say it’s mainly because I put so much effort into Chloe having her best birthday ever. She is certainly a toddler now. She had a ball in creche last week celebrating with her little friends. It is the cutest thing ever. Even her big brother was allowed to join in the wobbler room for some rice crispie buns. I saw a collage hanging outside her room today with lots of photos from the day. Hopefully we will get to take some of those home. I think she will soon move into the toddler room but they haven’t mentioned anything to me yet.

So she is. Miss Chloe digging into her vanilla cupcake with a bit of pretty pink icing on Saturday. She wasn’t too sure about it first. Mainly because, as I mentioned in my previous post, she was a bit tired from all the excitement and should have really gone up for a nap but she wanted to fight it and be in the action. Hence those red cheeks by the way. Hubby’s sister pointed it out to me coincidental Chloe and I wore both a top with polka dots and both were blue. I actually picked up her dress in GAP when I was in London. It was absolutely gorgeous on her and it’s so casual that she can wear it everyday.

The above picture was taken on the green in our estate. We decided to all go out for some fresh air because the sun was shining and blue sky definitely gets you out of the house. Matthew was running up and down the hill the whole time. He took out the balance bike which was supposed to for Chloe as her birthday present. But because she is not as tall, she can’t even reach the bottom of it so for now it’s his. That will get him away from the Little Tikes ride on for now. He is way too big for it and the balance bike really suit him. He is still not a big fan of writing his actual Spiderman bike around the estate.